Friday, July 24, 2009

New York takeover!! TIMEBOMB NEW YORK STYLE!!

This picture was taken behind Tuff City Styles tattoo shop in the bronx. Brick's cousin MED owns this place and let me be the first to tell you this yard in the back is legendary. Speaking of legendary... One of the iconic figures from the graffiti scene, Iz the Whiz passed away on June 17th. It definitely is the end of an era. After all, folks like the Whiz were bringing forward their experiences, feelings and social trends of the 70s and the following decades.

Well, Michael Martin (the Whiz) will be dearly

This place Dos Caminos is INSANE! Hands down best mexican food experience out, and apparently its a chain now so you can also enjoy the best guacamole ever all around the US! :) I had the chicken tacos and Brick got some huge burrito that looked crazy good.

NYC ghost bike

A painting that was at the trade show Project. This artist did a collaboration with a clothing company and had some pantings and installation art at the show. Quite a treat!!


Inside of Tuff City tattoo. They actually do tattoos in these train cars. Can you say best idea ever?? It also helps that these guys are legends! Med, Ces, Yes2, Rob1.... yes for serious, these guys are the TRUTH!

If you know Brick you know he LOVES steaks. Brick, Tunz and myself attempted to go to Wolfgang Pucks but were denied at the door because it was SO packed and we were hungry NOW. We wandered a few blocks around Times Square and found ourselves at Ted's Montana Grill, eat great. do good. This place is apparently Ted Turners restaurant and is enviro friendly all the way down to their paper straws!! Brick enjoyed a buffalo steak and I kilt some brick chicken... it was awesome!

This is what I like to call "Heaven" or as others call it, flight club. THIS PLACE WAS COMPLETELY INSANE! Imagine every shoe that ever dropped and thats a start to trying to understand all this wonderfulness. Needless to say I got my boyfriend some ill jordans and he was more then pleased!

Monday night Brick and I went to dinner with my sister to this little Italian place on Rivington St. We drank, ate and listen to my sister talk.. and talk- Hey the food was good though!!

One big part of the trip I left out was Rock the Bells on Sunday at Jones beach in Long Island. HANDS DOWN best hip hop show i've ever and probably will ever be to! I highly recommend going to see it.

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