Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jack Wilson - "Photophobia Ep"


PARLIAMENT OF STRIX, Pittsburgh independent label and home to experimental hip-hop and electronic artists, is proud to release ‘PHOTOPHOBIA,’ the fourth EP by Jack Wilson, a veteran Pittsburgh poet/hip-hop artist currently residing in Brooklyn.


Pittsburgh, PA | October 3rd 2012:

PHOTOPHOBIA‟ (Parliament of Strix) is the fourth EP by Jack Wilson, a veteran Pittsburgh poet/hip-hop artist currently residing in Brooklyn. The term "photophobia" means an extreme sensitivity to bright light. It causes side-effects which can include migraine headaches, from which Wilson himself has suffered since a child.

"I get auras before a migraine," says Jack, "which start like tiny punctures in your field of vision, like if you'd stared at the sun too long. As a kid, the only relief from these horrible headaches came from Tylenol, a dark room, and a cold cloth. Of the two EPs I'm about to release – the other being „ENTER to EXIT‟ with Paris producer Keor Meteor – this project is darker, heavier, deeper underground."

The EP contains 9 tracks culled from 7 different producers, including two tracks from Derek Dumont whose production was also twice featured on Wiz Khalifa's „Taylor Allderdice‟ mixtape. Moscow‟s Malefique contributes two tracks as well, while Mr. Owl, Reverrb, and Rephrazed (all from Pittsburgh), All These Fingers (Detroit), and Quiet Noise (Wales UK) round out the rest. Mr. Owl's "Most Mighty" also features Delaware MC Avant-Garde, whom Wilson met in Baltimore where they both lived for a short time. Baltimore is also where most of the tracks on „PHOTOPHOBIA‟ were actually written.

On Wednesday October 3rd, „PHOTOPHOBIA‟ will be available to stream free at, and for choose-your-price download via Bandcamp. Wilson will be celebrating the release of both of his upcoming EPs on November 1st with Terence Degnan and Stillborn Identity at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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About Parliament of Strix Records:

Parliament of Strix was founded in 2011 by MR. OWL to focus on conceptual hip-hop music deeply rooted in both classic boom-bap and experimental electronica. Based in Pittsburgh, this independent record label has been generating buzz and gaining steam through releases and collaborations with top-notch underground talent from across the globe.

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