Friday, November 2, 2012

New Rhyme Cal Champion!

Nov. 1 - A long-time competitor, Christian rapper 3PFD is now a Rhyme Calisthenics champion.

It was a hard fought battle in Pittsburgh, as 3PFD beared through a sudden death overtime in the first round that eliminated the round's lowest scoring MC. After a dope performance of the Mackin' challenge in the second round, judge Dos Noun called 3PFD "a portly casanova." Also impressive in round two was New Jersey native Tony Green, who rocked a Crowd Topics that challenged him to discuss Mitt Romney in his rhyme. With scoring tight, it wasn't until the final round that 3PFD secured his victory by tearing through the Word Bank challenge.

The event also marked the release of the first Rhyme Calisthenics mixtape. The tape includes exclusive music from Rhyme Cal champions Real Deal (Pittsburgh), Zone (Pittsburgh), Black Sun (Pittsburgh), ZEPS (NYC), Jadon (NYC), PremRock (NYC), and Voss (Philly). Also featured on the project are Homeboy Sandman, Has-Lo, Pack FM, C-Rayz Walz, Beedie, and J. Sands. The mixtape will be made available digitally on Monday, Nov. 5, via Rhyme Cal's bandcamp.

Be on the lookout for upcoming Rhyme Cal events in Toronto on Nov. 16 and Boston on Dec. 6. Also, tune in to The Company Man Show on Tuesday, Nov. 6, as Rhyme Cal will be a featured guest.

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