Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Song Formerly Known As Timeless" [Beedie ft. Outasight]

We've come this far, so why stop now? Pittsburgh emcee Beedie is back again with another leak, this time teaming up with popular Yonkers, NY based singer/rapper Outasight, as they trade stories about growing up in their respective neighborhoods. Pittsburgh production team La Harrier handles the production while DJ Vex covers the scratches. Also keep an eye out for the visuals to the Statik Selektah produced "Home". Follow Beedie on twitter at, and visit his website at



Ayo back up in the days though, when I was just a lil shorty, no J-O

Like we ain't have a care up in the world to name

Now the whole world wish we young forever and remain, never change

But we never stay the same on the same roads

And our interests and age grows as we innovate those, slow

We forced to be tossed in the kitchen

When life throws the fork at you don't be the chicken

I remember skippin class like I had the last… Laugh now cry later

Had a crazy past

Used to throw the finger at the bike cops passin (fuck em)

Fuck em, then we'd run around in Frick Park dashin

Officer Caplan used to know my first and my last name

Arrested me in school, that's a bad day

We used to chill up in The Smoke Shop, fuck with dude

Catch me wilin out now, ain't nothin new


You can't turn it back when it's gone…

No groundhog flash in the morn…

And life moves fast when you young

When you look back are you gon pass where you goin?

I wanna be young forever though…

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