Friday, July 12, 2013

(New Music) "Run Away" [Beedie]

Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, Beedie checks in with this new short but sweet summer single in celebration of getting verified on Twitter. He is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his next full length while he preps to drop an epic new visual produced by the legendary Buckwild of DITC later this month. It's going to be a hot summer in Beedie Land.  Lyrics below song.

All these hoes want it
Got yo runny nose on it
And I'm comin round the corner when she see me she just flaunt it
I'll be honest it's not modest
Well you cannot be my hiness
But we can see bout tonight
Is that yo boyfriend right behind us? Aw
He runnin scared away
I'm here today, but gone tomorrow
My music made, got bills to pay
I change states like gun law
Gung-ho for the dumb hoes, she stir it up like gumbo
One show she went low, that multiplied like Kinko's
She kinky for that info
Babes, broads, and bimbos
She screamin out, crescendo
I started fast and finished slow
Came SO CLOSE to minajin'
Seen the same hoes on Carson, in the South Side
With they mouth wide
Dirty girl do it outside
Pimpin since been pimpin dog
One more night we kick it off
We started 2, in-in the park
We-We bout to be livin large
We finna knock yo pivot off
Plenty more fish in the sea
And I brought my swim suit, so which one wanna swim with me?

Ayo these hoes just wanna party wit us
(party wit us)
We be them Henny and Bacardi sippers
(cardi sippers)
She in here wilin gettin naughty wit us
(naughty wit us)
She said she got a man at home
But she'd drop it all away…. She wanna run away…
She said she'd leave it all today… They wanna run away…

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