Friday, September 25, 2009

Hellz "Midnight Riders"

Contemporary fashion brand Hellz is pleased to present their Fall 2009 Delivery 2 collection ‘Midnight Riders’, photographed by Brooke Nipar. By utilizing dark themes found in the iconic 80's flick ‘Mad Max’, ‘Midnight Riders’ aims to represent the ideology of the subversive in not only fact and fiction, but fashion as well. Black, pewter gray and grenadine red are colors present throughout the collection to set the tone and to compliment the progressive and functional silhouettes by drawing attention to the details of each piece. New interesting pieces in this collection include; the ‘Krueger’, a unique play on a pullover jacket with a hidden hood underneath a high profile collar and the ‘Hammer’, a slouch-fit cotton canvas pant with contrasting grenadine red fabric pocket lining, welt back pockets and functional button details. Clever silhouettes, unique details, and the use of simple colors emphasize form and function while creating a true display of female strength, sensuality and independence that is: ‘Midnight Riders.’

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