Thursday, January 28, 2010

POME duck boots by Danny Peguero

POME duck boots check out the styles we have in store now below.

NEW SHIT! We here at Time Bomb are dedicated to bringing the streets the truth, the truth happens to be boots right now! POME is an acronym for product-of-my-enviroment, these boots were designed by street favorite Danny Peguero. These boots definitely have that 1995 Polo-Helly Hensen-Hilfiger nostalgia that we all can relate to. The colors are great for the fall and very easy to wear. Whether you know it or not you've probably already rocked many of Danny's swag for the streets. He’s the COOGI’s top designer, Co-owner/Creative director of his own line called ‘Lavie’ which we also carry in the store. One of his biggest take downs had to be the re-designing and dropping of that good old ‘8 Ball’ Leather jacket. Now take this information and check us out on TIMEBOMBSHOP where the POME duck boots are retailing for $109.

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Farrell Knox said...

Where can I buy these?