Monday, January 4, 2010

Tony Touch Holidaze Party Recap

Smoken Sextion ( Lord Digga & Che Broadway )

Me with Miss Ali McBroom

Me and Suzzane who never fails to represent

You know you throw a real hiphop event when the breakers come!

Brick Diggler, Big Santa Jeff and me (HOHOHO)

Santa and his little helper didn't know how to handle all these lovely ladies!

Me and DJ Shef

DJ Hank D dropping some real hiphop!

Pete Peters at the bar (where else?)

Khalil breakin and movin!

Phil and Ryan were having a talk with Santa, they are def on the naughty list this year!!

Missy Mischief living up to her name! It's not a party without her

Justin Strong getting his network on

Christina and Thomas

DJ Tony Touch doing his thang

All of my lovely Time Bomb Heiress's were in full effect!

Selecta hanging out

When I think of holiday parties I think of ugly sweaters and bad holiday music. Well that was defiantly not the case at the Time Bomb holiday party at Shadow Lounge on Wednesday December 23! Everyone was dressed to impress and we were blessed with the musical stylings of the world famous DJ Tony Touch! Local DJs included HankD, Selecta and SMI- even MC BZE made a special performance. Hank D also had Smoken Sextion from NYC come thru to round out the lineup.

The night started off cold and breezy- Kris Kringle was defiantly in the neighborhood. When I showed up at 10:30 everyone was getting in the spirit by drinking lots of wine and spirits. Brick thought it would be a good idea if he put me in charge of the camera. Little did he know that I planned on getting so drunk I could barely keep track of myself! Me and the ladies started the night off with a round of shots and then shot to the dance floor. Like at every Time Bomb event the breakers were there in full force. This is when shit started to get crazy! By the time the mc performances started I still had the camera and the Shadow Lounge was getting packed. Big Santa Jeff had just arrived-but he was early, what was I to do? Go to Ava and buy him and his little helper a round of shots of course! Needless to say he was wasted and ready to get his Santa on, so we made our way to the Shadow Lounge side to pass out the gift bags. At this point I have no idea where the camera is, funny thing is that whoever had it kept taking pictures. Finally it was time for the world famous DJ Tony Touch take the stage, the crowd had been waiting all night for this! HE KILLS IT, I mean what did you think? He was great!! I made sure to keep his drink full (and drink some of his goose in the process) and keep his head right, Time Bomb style. By the end of the night everyone was going somewhere and my somewhere was home, without the camera. Brick, Hank D and B opted to chill with Tony Touch talking shop and winding the night down. Funny thing is that Brick called me the next day and asked about the camera, I told him I would buy a new one because I had no idea where it was. Lucky me the Shadow Lounge people hit up Brick later in the day and told him they had what they thought to be Time Bombs camera! I bet you can't wait to see what we do next ;) I know I can't wait!

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Joe Boots said...

facebook is for fuckfaces.. im blogging now in full effect.. but I keep my shit private cuz the creepers keep creepin.. fuck a slitherin snake in the grass.. great recap kt! It was cold as fuck that nite.. good thing TONY TOCAS GOT THE HEAT! No fucking problem. TBC! TWENTY TEN! BIGGER AND BETTER! Leave that last decade in the trash!