Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brick Diggler / Timebomb in Complex Magazine!

If you're unfamiliar with Brian Brick aka Brick Diggler then you've been under a rock!! But seriously Brick is a man who can't be explained.  He is an infamous graffiti writer, a successful entrepreneur and a local legend among other things.  He has ran the underground hiphop mixtape and clothing scene since the 90's and with the spotlight finally shining down on the Burgh, Brick is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves.

Young Wiz in a Timebomb zip-up hoodie
The article below is an excerpt from the latest Complex magazine article on Wiz Khalifa.  Below the excerpt you can find one of Wiz's latest videos that has Timebomb, Brick and is son in the video.

..."Then there’s Brian Brick, owner of the clothing store Timebomb, a staple of Pittsburgh hip-hop and one of the first places to sell Rocawear, Phat Farm, and Ecko in the City of Steel. There’s a little bit of all of them in Wiz, who is, after all, a fully tatted stoner rapper entrepreneur whose come-up put Pittsburgh hip-hop on the map.
Brick and Wiz are discussing one of Wiz’s favorite groups, Three 6 Mafia. “There are kids these days who don’t even know Juicy J’s old shit,” says Wiz. “Before, Juicy was cadences, he’s more lyrical now.”... Read the rest of the article after the jump: more.

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