Friday, June 21, 2013

Krink Cans, Mops, and Markers

We're happy to say that we are now carrying Krink Cans, Mops and Markers in an assortment of collors!

Krink is a brand name of inks and markers sold by Krink, Inc. The inks and markers are made in the USA. It was started by artist Craig Costello aka "KR"."Krink" is a portmanteau of "KR" and "ink". Costello started making his own markers in the early 90's and then began selling his homemade product at New York City retail store Alife.The product took off and the brand has grown from there. He has built up an internationally recognised brand creating markers and pens with drips in mind. He also has a burgeoning line of various tools and colors ready to make a mess with.The product is now distributed and sold worldwide. In 2012 Krink was featured on and designed the cover of Clout Magazine.

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