Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mac Miller's Guide to Pittsburgh!

Mac recently linked up with Complex mag to give his opinion on the top 10 spots to stop at when you're in the Burgh and Timebomb comes in at the #2 spot!

"The first time I went to Timebomb, I was 15 years old and I had a mixtape that I'd made myself. I was eating at Buffalo Blues and decided to stop in at Timebomb. I said to the owner, Brick, "Hey, man, I'm a rapper and I have a mixtape that I'm about to drop. Would you push it here?" He said of course. At that point, I'm sure he thought I was a little clown. But he ended up being a very vital person in my career in Pittsburgh. He's always repped me, always supported everything I did. Now that I have other artists that I'm working with, he's supporting them. Brick's put a lot of people onto a lot of hip-hop in Pittsburgh."
Check the rest of the list HERE!

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