Thursday, August 1, 2013

"The Prelude" [Aris of Apex]

Aris of Apex, duo out of Pittsburgh, releases his first solo project since 2001!  This project boasts production from @Gitbeats, @Czientist, @otrocity_odell, @fathom92754, @Tallen765, and @MurdaMegz. It also features the talented wordsmithing of Ensilence (@realtalk85), @PreSenseOfApex, and @idasatariq w/ some incredibly beautiful vocals by Kiara (@YoKeyKey).

APEX is adynamic duo of the Pittsburgh hip hop circuit. A potent mixture of that Golden Era Boom Bap sound, some soul, and a pinch of new school. Each emcee brings his own personality, experiences and well-polished delivery to every composition. Aris and Pre-Sense hold their own in this ever growing hip hop landscape but remain original when the majority seems to be conforming. 

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