Tuesday, December 30, 2008


WuTang Clan return to Timebomb in 2008

Brick with Dj Mathamatics- the creator of the WuTang W logo.

Cappadonna with Brick before the show!

GZA with Brick Diggler look close and check out the RedTape clear blunt wraps.

Ghostface aka Tony Starks hanging with Brick Diggler.

WuTang Clan shopping at Timebomb Spot.

Ali helping Cap with the hot new Evisu.

For over a decade the WuTang Clan have been copping gear from Timebomb spot.

The Chef cooking up that shit.

Cappadonna and U-God checking out the new Cavi.

Red, Cappadonna, Brick, Chef Raekwon, Inspectadeck in front of Timebomb spot.

It has been almost a decade since the WuTang Clan have performed live in the Steel City. Back in the early days of Timebomb the WuTang always showed love and respect by doing in-stores and shopping for there outfits to rock on the stage that night. Now in 2008 the WuTang clan returned still showing their respect and love for Timebomb by stopping by to say whats up to me and also to do a little shopping. Be sure to check out for all new WuTang Clan releases and be sure to stop by TimeBomb spot NOW!

WuTang Clan!

*All photos by Red Brick Project.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Casio Databanks Holiday drops at TIMEBOMB SPOT

The Casio Databank in Yellow and Khaki
Displaying all four colors: Khaki, Yellow, Green, and Black 
I remember back in grade school if you had one of these watches you got good grades in math class ! A traditional compliment to the Casio G-Shock line, is the Databank serving up a wealth of different functions including calculator and information storage.  Making a contemporary update, the watch is seen here in some new colorways with other details including a checkerboard style keypad. Available in four colorways and released this week at stores including  Timebomb Spot, Leaders 1354, and Shoe Gallery.  With a new solid North American distribution in place, look for a new series of exciting projects on the way . For any info on these Databanks email timebombspot@gmail.com  . All four colorways are on sale now at TIMEBOMB SPOT NOW!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


                                                       MEDUSA REVOLT BANDITO T.SHIRT 
                                                          JAY -Z WITH CROOKS T.SHIRT 
                                               CROOKS ZIP UP HOODIE 2-CASTLES 

                                                        CROOKS PARKA WITH MEDUSA LOGO ON THE BACK .
We just got the Crooks & Castles holiday collection in at Timebomb spot. Crooks never forgets about the streets . Every season they keep making harder collections . We have been a Crooks source in Pittsburgh for the last three years and the line flies off the racks. Even in a recession, you can't stop the Crooks.  Check out their holiday look book on the link below . Crooks and Castles is gonna keep the heat coming and Timebomb is going to provide you with the fire ! All new holiday Crooks & Castles is now in.  Any questions email timebombspot@gmail.com . 

Friday, December 19, 2008


 Paul Wall with TimeBomb Heiress's at TimeBomb Spot

  Support your local hustler billboard

Lil Wayne wearing Expensive Taste fitted

Black New Era Expensive Taste fitted

Kelly Green New Era Expensive Taste fitted

Red New Era Expensive Taste fitted

Expensive Taste clothing is a brother company of Travis Barker's line Famous Stars and Straps. It's own and run by rappers Paul Wall and Skinhead Rob. Their influence for the line is basically anything that revolves around the hustler and their expensive lifestyle. Back in May 08 Paul Wall and Skinhead Rob did an in-store here at TimeBomb Spot to launch the line in Pittsburgh. Since then the fitteds have been seen on every one from Lil Wayne to Bun B

Get your Expensive Taste New Era Fitted hats at
 Any questions? Hit timebombspot@gmail.com 

for more info about Expensive Taste check the link 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Timebomb Heiress presents DimePiece Designs

DimePiece Holiday 08

This hoody is awesome!

DimePiece Crew

Here at TimeBomb Heiress we just received DimePiece Designs Holiday 08. DimePiece is a lifestyle and brand aimed at catering to all the boss bitches dipped in sauce. These are the females that have the potential to make a positive impact and consistently turn heads. 

They did it again! The new line is awesome. Moving forward is something these ladies have continued to do. The new t-shirts come equipped with a V neck, longer sleeve and look amazing on. The new hoods are defiantly fashion forward- if i don't say so myself. The arms are tight up to the elbow then balloon out with a HUGE hood. These ladies manage to stay one step ahead of the pack! Make sure to get to TIMEBOMB SPOT NOW for all of your DimePiece needs.


We just received these new designs in from THE WILD ONES. THE WILD ONES is a brother company of Famous Stars and Straps. Its basically a limited t-shirt company dedicated to all the young and crazy adventurers of graffiti, skateboarding and bmx. These are for anyone who wants to express themselves by risking their life for their culture. All the designs have a big street culture influence, its also cool that these t-shirts aren't sold at every corny chain store in the mall. THE WILD ONES is a lifestyle. All THE WILD ONES shirts are on sale at TIMEBOMB SPOT NOW. 

Any questions about THE WILD ONES?  
email timebombspot@gmail.com 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CAVI A Product Of Great Taste

In little over a year CAVI has been featured in XXL, VIBE, SOURCE, URB and 411 (Japan) magazines. It has also been seen on BET, MTV and HBO hit TV show ENTOURAGE and worn by music superstars T.I., Chris Brown, Omarion, Akon and Fabolous just to name a few.
                                                      T.I rocking woven hoodie. 
                                                      Fabolous rocking CAVI woven. 
                                       Long sleeve corduroy shirt (Akon rocking in above picture)

                                             Long sleeve track jacket 

Each piece is outfitted with custom military insignia. Cavi buttons, medals and snaps are individually made using the same process as making jewelry. All gold trims are made with 24k gold content. The military fashion forward company CAVI holiday collection is on sale now at TIMEBOMB SPOT NO. For any info on CAVI email timebombspot@gmail.com. 

Check them out!  http://www.cavinyc.com 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Yes people it has been since Bill Clinton was in office the last time the Wu-tang clan have performed live as a group in  Pittsburgh Pa . The Clan now returns to the STEEL CITY on December 26th at Mr.Smalls Theater . GET YOUR TICKETS NOW !!! On sale now at Timebomb spot ! Get them before they sell out . Every ticket you purchase from Timebomb spot comes with a free O.D.B mixtape mixed by Dj J -Love . need any for info email timebombspot@gmail.com or hit the links below !!!! 




Monday, December 8, 2008


                                              Frank 151 DMS limited fitted . 

                                             Frank 151 

                                             The Chop Shop fitted . 

Frank 151 fitted hats are made in collaboration with the New Era Hat Company . The aesthetic is driven by the lifestyle and theme featured in each Chapters of the Frank Book and by the Frank's Chop Shop experience.We just got a stock of three of the most exclusive Frank 151 New Era fitted hats in NOW at Timebomb spot . The Frank 151 team series of new era hats serve as a visual extension of the unique approach to distribution and cultural networking that Frank 151 and the FDL represent . Any questions email timebombspot@gmail.com .