Saturday, December 31, 2011

Timebomb's 2011 Recap: Happy New Year

The crew makes 2 trips each year to New York for Agenda, Capsule and Project shows although in 2012 we plan on making a few more trips up to the big apple.  Go here to see more pictures of the trip.
Surprisingly there wasn't a big Time Bomb event in the sophomore month of 2011 but there was a very big event for Pittsburgh and many others.  If you ever listened to Kiss FM back in the day or followed Taylor Gang then you know who DJ Bonics is.  In late 2010 he was rushed to the hospital for what was later called a heart attack.  We are very lucky to still have him.  After this traumatic event he started the "Bonics Heart Beats Foundation" which you can read more about HERE!
March was an awesome month for TBC.  We had our annual B.I.G. sale in honor of The Notorious One.  We had 10% to 50% off everything in the whole store while DJ Vex, Rob Child and DJ YS bumpin Biggie all day.  Take it back to the O.G. post

As always a lot was popping off in April.  The 58s dropped a Pittsburgh classic with their debut tape that caught an almost immediate buzz.  The 58s are now becoming a mini movement positioned to be the next "Taylor Gang" or "Most Dope" so to say; but stronger, more street. Tree Jay, Mac Miller's hypeman, also dropped "Piff Jar"; the second installment of his hosted mixtapes.  Beyond the music  we had our annual 420 sale where we marked everything 20% to 40% off for the smoker holiday.  Check out the post from April and see if you can remember back!  Also at the end of the month we brought Big Krit to Pittsburgh for a memorable performance with some of Pittsburgh's hottest spitters.  See more pictures from Dan Folger.

May was actually the first month the gawd worked at Time Bomb, a memorable day for all.  But on to more pressing issues.  If you weren't aware the world ended on the 21st day of the 5th month, year 2011. So in celebration of that we had an END OF THE WORLD SALE.  The sale was 10% to 60% off just incase the world didn't end.  Fortunately the world didn't end and we got a lot of lives right.  We actually got some press coverage when KDKA came down to interview Brick about the sale.
June was a wild month for Time Bomb, Pittsburgh Music and for Breezo, Wiz's body guard, who knock some dude THE FUCK OUT! The adventure really began around the middle of the month when we brought Jasmine Salano out to spin for our Summer Clothing drop.  Jasmine and everyone else killed the parties and we killed it with fresh new gear for everyone.  It was the first official drop with many more to come.  About a week later we got out first supply of Daily Bread PA.  Daily Bread PA was started by photographer and Street wear lover Bill Niels.  The brand has been worn by Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, The A$AP family and many more.  On June 30th Beedie dropped his first official street album titled "The Beat Bully".  The project was very well put together with over 12 tracks of original production and classic boom bap hiphop which the streets were missing for years.  We ended the month with our first ever Return of Boom Bap showcase which was suppose to have DJ Tony Touch but due to some bad flights he was unable to attend.  We still had a killer time and an awesome show out regardless of Tony not being able to attend.  Boaz, The 58s and Varsity all performed which made for a great night.  I'll wrap June up with the video of Breezo knockin a dude out.
July was a hot month that started with a cool video from Boaz and Dan Meyer's titled "black ice".  It gave a real view of how things are going down in the streets and how some things do need to change.  A week later we had Tony Touch come to make up for his absence the previous month.  He came on the 14th for a meet and greet in the store then rocked it down at Shadow Lounge.  The party at shadow was hosted by Time Capsule (BZE and Dos Noun) while Varsity Sqaud, The 58s and Boaz killed it with Boom Bap Sound followed by Dj Tony Touch spinning an ill mix of classic hiphop.  Later in the month Beedie had his release party for "The Beat Bully".  He had an awesome set that was a timeline of his music career.  Check out the video

We closed July out with our Beat The Heat sale with 20% to 50% off.

Looking back our August was the perfect way to close out summer.  We had legendary producers Rockwilder and Buckwild for an in store meet and greet, Skyzoo stopped by for our 5th annual Big One day sale and cook out, and there was a load of good music coming out along with some ill videos.  Check all the videos out here.  Also Dos Noun put out his "I Miss Touring" mini-movie which was a hit down at the Blasfome release party.
This was definitely a summer for the records.

Once again September was filled with great music coming out of Pittsburgh. B White dropped "The Evidence", Mac dropped his track listing for BSP and Beedie dropped some new videos.  We even had Modsun, the hippy hopster himself stop by and get his life right.

The month marked by Halloweed Holiday was filled with many other events.  "The Evidence" release party, Varsity Tryouts with Varsity Squad, and Our Fall Clothing line drop just to name a few.  The B White release party was rowdy to say the least.  He performed something like 20+ songs when he was set to do 8.  4 pounds and everyone else also killed it but Mayo really brought a lot of energy to the stage and got the crowd hyped.  Last month we learn what Varsity Tryouts were and in October we got to see a little more of the behind the scenes with Jon Quest and Beedie.  We dropped our Fall line with a in store party.  We had DJ Bamboo, Hank D and Shef spinning while we showed off our gear.

Although the year was grinding down we didn't slow our grind.  November was home of our sales.  Light up night and Black Friday sales were a hit.  We opened early and stayed all day.  We had a lot of heads come through and we had even more fun.  November also had a lot of music from a young dude you might have heard of before.  Crystal Seth dropped a lot of good singles that created him a little more buzz than he previously had.  We saw more from the Varsity Tryout series, along with music from Hubbs, Tolly, J Waller, Palermo Stone and more.  Also Dj Drastik from Soul II Sole dropped an Ill hiphop tape with some of the dopest spitters in the burgh.  It was a good month for Pittsburgh hiphop.
December was a great month all around.  He had the major holidays along with more great music and clothing.  The month started with G.O.V. OG coming home and dropping a freestyle video and progressed to some awesome drops from some more great local artist.  Our winter drop party was really a great way to start off the holidays.  There was a great christmas blends by J Malls along with holiday liquor and cheer.  The clothes were a big hit as well!  Regardless of religion we were all given a gift on the 25th of December when Shira hit us with "Pound On My Muffin" 
After that hit we had our Holiday party with Dj Statik Selektah.  It started with an in store meet and greet while Dj Shef spun on the wheels of steel.  We moved the party later on to AVA where Dj Bamboo and Outtareach spun a set before Statik took over for the night.  It was one of our greatest parties of the year and a great way to close out the year.  We had an almost year filled with great memories, friends and music.  We can't wait to have more memories with all of you throughout 2012 and we hope you pound some muffin tonight!

Statik Selektah at AVA!

This party got a little rowdy but thats how we like it. Again, a big thank you to all you came out.  We had a great time, Statik had a great time so we hope you did too. Here's some pictures from the night.  I'm sure you made a cameo in atleast one if you were there!