Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Free Download) "Broke" [Vinny Radio X P. Fish]

Broke is a joint project from emcee Vinny Radio and producer P. Fish.  The Pittsburgh natives have been working together since before Vin's first project so it only makes sense that they come together to give us 14 tracks on excellence.  Additional production was added by La Harrier and Big Jerm while guest verses come in form of Franchise, whom Vinny is in a duo with known as "The Come Up, Mac Miller and fellow REMember Music label mate Dylan Reynolds.  Enjoy!


"Graduation Freestyle" [HUBBS]

Hubbs returns with a brand new freestyle to hold you over until the release of his next project entitled Piece of Mind, which is a joint effort exclusively produced by BBE Records producer, Git Beats. The freestyle pays homage to Kanye West's Graduation album, while also drawing reference to Hubbs' recent graduation from the University of Pittsburgh. Stay tuned for more from Hubbs, leading up to the Piece of Mind release next month. Follow @itsHubbs.

(Music Video) Lyrical Exercise 101 [C.H.R.I.S.]

C.H.R.I.S. (Coordination Higher Riches Infinitely Shining) never one to give out a ton of material and guards his craft like a Machiavellian artists. Only giving out features here and there C.H.R.I.S. has created a following amongst his peers. From HC$'s Mars Jackson to Pittsburgh Hip Hop newbe $osa, he has influenced if not inspired many to dig deep into their hip-hop mental crates to push the culture forward. This new visual is from the second mixtape Lyrical Exercise 101 and directed by Landon Kijowski. As C.H.R.I.S. gears up for his fourth quarter release #IndustryStandard he offers this visual as a layover. More singles, video, and features are coming soon! For now enjoy the visual!
Follow: @meChrisMitchell  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

(Music Video) "Get This Money" [S Boo]

S Boo's newest single from her upcoming mixtape, "Struggles 2 Riches", comes to us in form of a video.  "Get This Money" was shot and edited by Meez Lateef.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(Music Video) "1 O'Clock Grind" [Strae Bullet ft. Designer D & Jimmy B]

Official video leak from Ill City Records.  "1 O'Clock Grind" features Jimmy B & Designer D and was produced by CJ Beatz NY.  Shot and Edited by Lemar French.

(Music Video) "Stoop Thought" [Mars Jackson]

With his 4th project on the way "Hypechill EP", #NewPittsburgh artist Mars Jackson gives you a glimpse at what's to come with the visual for "Stoop Thought" shot and directed by HCS member JMYJAM.  Produced by Charlotte, NC's Kenneth Cartel, "Stoop Thought" is a message to the critics and naysayers, but also a reminder that Mars is up next.

"Hypechill EP" is tentatively scheduled to drop early August.

New Brand In: Visual by Van Styles

Van Styles is a 31 year old visual artist with a focus on photography, directing and editing. Born in New York but having grown up in L.A., Van naturally found a passion for skateboarding as a teenager. He credits his dedication to Skateboarding with changing his life. It showed him how to look at things differently and always try a different approach rather then taking the easy road. Having learned the road less traveled reaped growth, It sparked this idea of always taking a unique look at ways he could refine and improve on what those who came before him had already accomplished.

Van recently added a clothing line to his already impressive resume.  "Visual" features graphic tee's of lusty models and other photo's from Van.  Timebomb is now a proud hold of the Visual line.

Visual is available in store and online HERE!

(Music Video) "Fear No Nigga" [Tristan]

Tristan's latest visual, "Fear No Nigga", is a track off his latest project "Live Real Die Real" (Download link below).  Shot and edited by Ben Fredette.

Friday, July 12, 2013

(Free Download) "10 Summers" [Mario Dones]

Mario Dones (Soul Vibe) has been hard at work wrapping up his debut album, Black Watermelon, but before that he wanted to give us something special; cue "10 Summers".  10 Summers is really just the result of everything lining up at the right time.  MD grew up around DJ's his whole life so his idea of a mixtape is very particular.  He just wanted the listener to be able to go to that same place, especially getting ready for the album.  That's the time and place his music comes from.  Dones wants to extend a huge thank you to Nice Rec & L-Rox for making this happen.

(Music Video) "Gees" [Mac Miller ft. Schoolboy Q]

Mac returns with a new visual for "Gees" featuring Schoolboy Q. The video was Directed by IllRoots/IllAmerica and the song was Produced by Chuck Inglish. Mac's sophomore album "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" is now available worldwide http://smarturl.it/watchingmovies.

(New Music) "Run Away" [Beedie]

Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, Beedie checks in with this new short but sweet summer single in celebration of getting verified on Twitter. He is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his next full length while he preps to drop an epic new visual produced by the legendary Buckwild of DITC later this month. It's going to be a hot summer in Beedie Land.  Lyrics below song.

All these hoes want it
Got yo runny nose on it
And I'm comin round the corner when she see me she just flaunt it
I'll be honest it's not modest
Well you cannot be my hiness
But we can see bout tonight
Is that yo boyfriend right behind us? Aw
He runnin scared away
I'm here today, but gone tomorrow
My music made, got bills to pay
I change states like gun law
Gung-ho for the dumb hoes, she stir it up like gumbo
One show she went low, that multiplied like Kinko's
She kinky for that info
Babes, broads, and bimbos
She screamin out, crescendo
I started fast and finished slow
Came SO CLOSE to minajin'
Seen the same hoes on Carson, in the South Side
With they mouth wide
Dirty girl do it outside
Pimpin since been pimpin dog
One more night we kick it off
We started 2, in-in the park
We-We bout to be livin large
We finna knock yo pivot off
Plenty more fish in the sea
And I brought my swim suit, so which one wanna swim with me?

Ayo these hoes just wanna party wit us
(party wit us)
We be them Henny and Bacardi sippers
(cardi sippers)
She in here wilin gettin naughty wit us
(naughty wit us)
She said she got a man at home
But she'd drop it all away…. She wanna run away…
She said she'd leave it all today… They wanna run away…

Sunday, July 7, 2013

DJ Bamboo - "To Skratch A Predator" [Free Download]

"It’s finally here! Link to download is below. Thanks for all the love and support!
I wanted to put something out that best describes me (trippy beats & skratching!), it’s not the normal club demo that most of you are used to, but I hope you enjoy! I’ll be releasing some more demos in the very near future, keep posted!
Tweet me with your opinions! @DJ_Bamboo #ToSkratchAPredator

Outchere #FaderPirates" - DJ Bamboo

Cannibal Ox live at Belvedere's

Friday July 19th marks an exciting day for Pittsburgh Hip-hop.  The legendary Cannibal Ox will be performing at Belvedere's along with Mr. Owl, B. White, Timecapsoul, Fortified PhonetX and more.  Tickets are available HERE.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Guess Who's Back?! Shira - "Do That White Girl" [Music Video]

Shira, of "Pound On My Muffin" fame, is back with another banger produced by Stevie B.  Snatching up the guest spot on this track is the Pittsburgh native D. Yerk.

(New Music) "Believe That" [Norman Dean]

Building the hype for his upcoming mixtape "Hippy High", Norman Dean releases his latest song "Believe That". Dean graces this smooth, The Prophet produced track with a solid flow any hip hop fan can enjoy. "Hippy High" is due to drop in August.