Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Won't Stop [Reece Flame]

Newest sounds from Pittsburgh spitter @ReeceFlame

Time Bomb & Sayez Present: Heavy Weapons

Time Bomb presents "Heavy Weapons" produced solely by Sayez and hosted by Brick Diggler. Heavy Weapons will drop March 6th and will feature some of the Burgh's best spitters including Boaz, B White, Mac Miller and more! This is gonna be an epic tape make sure you check for it on The 6th!

All 4 the $ Freestyle [Boaz]

Bo Bey the street smart spitter is back with an in studio video. Boaz is on our watch list for 2012. Video shot and edited by Dj Shef. Twitter: @Boaz412 @Djshef

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kickstand TV Part 3 & 4 [Owey]

AllHipHop's latest Breeding Ground Spotlight, Owey is currently on tour throughout the Midwest. His Kickstand TV YouTube series catches his shows in Cleveland, OH and Columbus, OH. If you haven't already check out Owey's latest mixtape Racketeering Hosted By DJ Cash Crook and follow him on Twitter @OG_Owey.

Money Everywhere [Shig ft. Grimez]

This new Shig & Grimez visual shows a little of the events that go on in their lives daily.  Video shot and edited by 2gun from 2gun production.  Twitters: @Shig4thnv @RuntBoss

Monday, February 27, 2012

Passport Dreams [Ray Dawn]

Ray Dawn finally releases his awaited EP "Passport Dreams". "Passport Dreams" is a 6 song project featuring production from The Jake, Ohini Jonez, and SMKA. 2012 is looking to be a big year for Ray Dawn seeing as though he is performing at SXSW and getting a lot of love on some higher up blogs like DJ Booth. Keep up with Ray Dawn on twitter: @RayDawnThe86th

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Won't Slip [Ray Dawn]

Clothing provided by Blasfome

The first visual off Ray Dawn's PASSPORT DREAMS EP. The EP will be available tomorrow!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Timebomb debuts it's Spring /Summer Collections In Las Vegas for Magic

Montana Paint Acrylic Water-Based Markers & Refills
and Red tapes.. lots of red tapes.
Timebomb, Tuff City, & Freestyles Spring/Summer Collection 2012

Timebomb Spring 2012 Tee & GoodWood Timebomb Pendant

Timebomb had the chance to show at a private suite at Magic this year with our good friends, Tuff City from New York and Montana Paints Supply from Germany while debuting our 2012 Spring/Summer collections.Here is a sneak peak of the suite . As usual buyers, we showed our collection for the first time while giving out tons of stickers and tons of Redtape clear wraps. Be on watch for the Timebomb 2012 line coming to a city near you in March. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bolivian Pure (Prod. Tito Calii) [HUBBS]

Hubbs is back with some "Bolivian Pure" to get you hooked.  Bolivian Pure is the first single off his 3rd mixtape "Modern Vintage II".  If you aren't familiar with Sir Hubbs I'll add some links at the bottom for you to get familiar.  Hubbs, as always, gives his relax smooth delivery over an equally smooth Tito Calii beat (@TitoCaliiBeatz).  This is one emcee who really broke out on the Pittsburgh hiphop scene last year delivering 2 mixtapes and a handfull of videos.  2012 looks to be a big year for HUBBS.

Kickstand Tv Part 1 & 2 [Owey]

Owey is currently on a Mid-West tour with his Seven Tre Mafia crew. They have made sure to capture every moment with the new video series Kickstand TV. Catch Owey getting ready for tour and his show in Erie, PA in Part 1 and Part 2 in Cleveland, OH. Be on the lookout for more chapters in the series coming soon. Follow Owey on Twitter @OG_Owey.

Cost To Be A Boss ft. Palermo Stone & Scoot [JKJ]

WonderHitz artist JkJ releases another new track off of his collective entitled '91. The Track is entitled "Cost To Be A Boss" ft. Palermo Stone and fellow WonderHitz artist Scoot, produced by Mike Mars. The Tape will be released on March 14th and will consist of some already released singles as well as some new music for your listening pleasure! Follow The WonderHitz Team and #IfItAintWonderHitz Turn That Sh*t Off!

Follow Them On Twitter:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Victoria's Secret [Crystal Seth]

So I attempted to do this last night but I couldn't even open my laptop so forgive me. Man, this song, Victoria's Secret is something serious. The intro is too trill. If you can feel what that intro is about then I fuck with you. If you can't understand and feel what that intro is saying then go kick rocks off a bridge and eat my shorts egg sucker. Back to the song tho. One More Beat just made a groovy ass beat to this a Seth laced it with something special. I fuck with song super heavy; I hope you do too. Also keep your calenders open March 4th... Seth has something special planned.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

412 Mix 3 Dj Spillz

Spillz is back with another 412 mix perfect for a work out or any time you don't feel like switching songs on your iPod or whatever! Follow @Dj_Spillz

[News] March 4th- Crystal Seth

Seth gives us a more indepth look into what we can expect March 4th. If you don't know what's going down March 4th your a fucktard but I'll fill you in. That day Seth will be dropping 4, yes 4 fucking videos in one day. Pack My Bags, We Can Go, Dial Back ft. Beedie and Better To Be Hated will be the songs and you can see a preview of the 3 below!

Mars Jackson- A look into The Coffee Break Tape

Catch up with Mars before his next release, The Coffee Break Tape. Shot by @TheReal_lil_e Follow Mars on twitter: @MarsJackson

Steel Wheels- Hip Hop for Cerebral Palsy

If you're into Pittsburgh Hiphop and are active on twitter then it's more than likely you've seen @DaKidInWheels.  His love for hiphop as a culture and his bubbly personality make him someone you love to be around.  At Luis's request there will be a show held in his honor March 8th at The Shadow Lounge!  The doors will open at 5:30 pm and the show will go on til 8:30pm.  This is an all age event and all the proceeds will be donated to a Cerebral Palsy Organization of Luis's choice.  The entry is $5 and it really goes to a great cause.  Jordan Beckham will also be there taking pictures all night AND there will be performances by Hubbs, Varsity Squad, The Come Up and B. White.  This is gonna be a great event to attend.  I'm gonna be there with a few friends, you should come to!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blasfome Spring 2012

Blasfome introduces the upcoming spring 2012 collection with the release of their Spring 2012 Delivery 1 Lookbook. This season's first delivery is marked with influences from automotive racing and culture which were a large part of Blasfome's founder Dave Bartek's childhood.

"These designs are a reflection of our renewed venture into automotive sports." Explains Dave, whom is the brands founder and designer. "I wanted to remind everyone that Blasfome encompasses all types of culture, beyond hip-hop and streetwear."

The lookbook opens with a long sleve version of a familiar Blasfome favorite the "Keystone Hate" design. "Blasfome" is printed in bold down the sleeves, bringing us back to the days of heavy metal concert merchandise.

The design is paired with the "A Taste of Japan" tee in black and red worn by Blasfome's Bobby Buckets. "This (design) was inspired by Japanese steakhouses and nuclear tragedy, a real tribute to the Americanization of Japanese culture." Dave explains.

The third piece in the collection is a racing inspired "Blasfome Wreath" in an electric blue and orange. "Trophy wreaths are found in all forms of racing, we wanted to give the fans our version." States Dave.

Dave explains the last piece of the collection, "The "No Trend Riding" tee is not only our slogan for the Spring 2012 collection, but the guts of this brand. We hope to inspire all of our fans to follow their own path."

The Spring 2012 Delivery 1 Collection is a mix of long sleeved and short sleeved tee's, with all designs printed on 100% cotton shirts. In typical Blasfome fashion designs are printed on black, with the short sleeved "A Taste of Japan" hailing the only design printed on white.

The BLASFOME Spring 2012 Delivery 1 collection will be available Saturday February 25th in stores, and online at

BLASFOME is a Pittsburgh-based streetwear company founded in 2007.  It is influenced by life in the city of Pittsburgh, hip-hop, skateboarding, metal, and tattooing cultures.  Blasfome supports numerous musicians and athletes including among others; Beedie, Wiz Khalifa, The 58's, Mac Miller, RA The Rugged Man, King Fantastic, Mark "The Fight Shark" Miller, John Wagner and Matt Petty of the Bloodmasters, and General Steele of Smif N Wessun.

Things I Never Said [Wem]

Wem has been extra busy working on his sophomore mixtape titled "Intellectual Arrogance" set to be released in the Spring of 2012. This is a song produced by Fly Life and was released to thank all of Wem's supporters and fans. He recently became verified on twitter and reached 6,000+ followers. This song is not on his new mixtape however the first song will be released very soon.


Monday, February 20, 2012

KOTD- [Real Deal Vs Okwerd]

I personally think Real Deal took all 3 rounds with ease but I'll let yinz be the judge!

"Right Where I Wanna Be" [Real Deal]

The latest visuals for one of Pittsburgh's premier emcee's Real Deal.  Real Deal has been killing it on the battle circuit as always but his last album "Working Man's Emcee" and "Right Where I Wanna Be" showcase Real Deal's ability to really construct a dope song as well.  This latest visual was directed by Chris "Mindbender" Longo. Follow Real Deal on twitter: @RealDealPgh.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yury Interview with Fck Yeah White Rappers Blog

FYW Yury will be opening for Chevy Woods March 1st
Yury does an interview for the blog Fck Yeah White Rappers.
Shot & Edited by Frank Paladino

Racketeering Mixtape [Owey]

Owey knows that hard work pays off and that's why there's no breaks for the Pittsburgh native. Just months after his Donks, Dimes, & Diamonds mixtape Owey returns with another tape for the streets entitled Racketeering Hosted by DJ Cash Crook. Racketeering features the likes of Boaz, Tolly, S. Money, Bambino Gold, Tyga, Gudda Gudda and more. Owey's work ethic is solidifying himself as one of the next big acts out of Pittsburgh. Follow Owey and DJ Cash Crook on Twitter and keep your eyes and ears open for new songs and videos from Owey.
1. Seven Tre Mafia
2. Big Bank (feat. Bambino Gold)
3. Basketballz (feat. D. Yerk)
4. 3 Stripe Zone (feat. Y.G.)
5. Attack Me With Your Love
6. Jealous
7. Magic
8. Her, Her, & Her (feat. Tolly)
9. Bad Bitches Only (feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda)
10. Jodeci (feat. Kastro)
11. Addicted (feat. Zigg)
12. Yesterday (feat. Asco)
13. Four Ounce (feat. S. Money)
14. Goin' Back To Miami (feat. Boaz)
15. Trap Niggas (feat. Hardo)
16. Mafia Business

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unique [Tolly]

The newest sounds from Tolly

A night with Ricky P

Follow Ricky P on twitter: @therealrickyp
Directed and Filmed by: @t_bone_412
Edited by: @Edge_media_
Assistance by: @Aus10Paris
All beats heard are made by Ricky P
Contact Ricky P on twitter

Crystal Seth Addicts Ep2

Freeport's Final Four promo Shot by: Dan Folger
Cut by: Dan Folger & Bryce Harrow
Follow @Crystal_Seth and @DanFolger 2012

House Party & Roller Derby!


$6 w/RSVP
1ST 24 people through the door receive their very own blow up gutair to go with their zebra print spandex
GUYS:Posion, Ratt, Motley Crue. Hair spray, spandex, tease your DO.
GIRLS:Warrant, Tesla, Cinderella, neon zebra to seduce a fella.
The crack team at FUKDAT got a new venue, new prizes, and new shit to get you twisted. If you made it last month you know this is like Sway on Mondays. If you dont get that reference then let me put it in simpler terms. Shit was Bonkers!

"Born Unknown, Die Unforgotten" Entree


(New York, NY) February 2012 - Entree LS Presents delivery one of the Spring 2012 Collection, "Born Unknown, Die Unforgotten"... As always, the brooklyn born Entree team sticks with their roots with fun conceptual designs. Due to the success of holiday 11 collection "if you dont know" Biggie design. Entree LS dropped the west coast king of Hip Hop "All eyes on me" 2pac design. The witnessED design features the soon to be released jordan 4's art work on top of the Lebron puppet with the simple slogan " Some shoes are too big to fill ". A collab with, messages to college students, x ray verison of the classic misunderstood bear and many more designs are also featured in this highly anticpated Spring 2012 release. Misunderstood since 1999, Entree LS is a lifestyle brand that continuously builds itself off its ability to design and create original collections from start to finish. Born in Brooklyn NY, Entree LS gained notoriety from its deep roots in skate, graffiti, b-boy and music. Infused by street elements, every obstacle team Entree has overcome shines through their innovative designs. Constantly inspired and growing, the brand is driven by its ambition to bring creativity back to the streets.

Classic Material February/Dilla Donut Day @ 720

James Yancey AKA Jay Dee AKA J Dilla redefined hiphop production in the mid 90s through the early 2000s. Although his name was only acknowledged in a tight circle of diehard hiphop fans, Dilla's pitched samples, precise snares, and pulsing bass sounds began to seap into the very fabric of the genre. Through his work with artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Common, The Roots, De La Soul, Pharcyde, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, as well as his own crew Slum Village, Dilla's style influenced an entire generation of beatheads. Sadly, as his own star was rising, with the release of several solo projects, and a high profile collaborations with Madlib, Dilla's health was on the decline due to the rare blood disorder TTP. Even when he was constrained to a hospital bed, Dilla worked steadfastly on his art, producing his album "Donuts" which was released on his birthday February 7th 2006, a mere 3 days before he passed away.
In honor of Dilla Month, the CM Fam and 720 Music have a day long celebration of the life of James Yancey.

First, 720 Music (Lawrenceville) will be supplying free donuts all day (courtesy of Love, Peace, and Little Donuts) with the sounds of Grand Ear and Buscrates from East Liberty Quarters on the decks.

Afterwards, we head to the Shadow Lounge for our monthly ode to the hip-hop classics of yesteryear, with a special emphasis on Dilla's extensive catalog this evening. The ultimate golden era experience. B-Boys, Classic Hip-Hop videos, Vinyl, etc... Coming to you every third Saturday as we come close to 5 years on non-stop parties.

Dilla Donuts Day
720 Music, Clothing & Cafe
4405 Butler St
Grand Ear & Buscrates (ELQ)
Free Donuts
All Ages

Classic Material
Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Blvd
East Liberty
Selecta & SMI


Mikealis & JFive deliver a banger over a beatbots song. The video was shot by @ChelCgabrielle and edited by Mikealis himself. Look out for the timebomb beanie as well that you can buy here! Follow them all on twitter to stay up to date with their music: @Mikealis @Jfivepop @teleportteam @ChelCgabrielle

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

McKee City Kid [B White] (prod. Tom Walsh)

B and Tom Walsh, the same producer of "Never Know" from The Evidence, team up once again to give you McKee City. Never know is one of my favorite songs from B some I'm really excited from McKee City Kid.

Varsity Squad New School Boom Bap Release Party

Shouts to everyone who came out to the party last Friday we all had a great time.  If you couldn't make the party check out the footage

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Won't Slip [Ray Dawn]

Ray Dawn is a College graduate, Law School dropout. Pursuing an infectious reverence for music over white-collar conformity just made sense for him. He will be performing at SXSW this year which is a big step in an artist career. Won't slip is the latest release off of Ray Dawn's upcoming project "Passport Dreams. It was produced by The Jake and is presented by SMKA, KEVINNOTTINGHAM.COM, GOODFELLAMEDIA.COM & BLASFOME STREETWEAR

Ray Dawn

Fawn Nicole MGMT

Marma Duke (Prod. J Dubb) [Pyrex Pre$$ ft. Grimez]

The Moola Gang boss and the Runt Gang boss linked up for this street heater off of Pre$$' No Cook mixtape. The whole Moola Gang family is currently working on solo projects leading up to another group project, all in 2012, so be on the lookout for new projects from Grimez, YD, Kilz, Pre$$, and Moola Gang this year. Follow Pre$$ and Grimez on Twitter @PyrexPress @RUNTBOSS. And for all things Moola Gang visit

Party All Night [Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone releases a new song perfect for the upcoming Spring Break weeks. Make sure you bump this at high levels! Follow @PalermoStone

Blast [Yury]

Newest visuals from @IAmYury. He teamed up with @DJBlackDiamond to do the production which is extremely impressive to me. Alex DiMarco directed and edited the vid and Brittany Marsicek added some dancing.

PSA (Parents) [Jon Quest]

Ben Fredette Productions & Varsity Squad Presents...
Jon Quest
Parents (PSA)
Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Season 2
Shot & Edited by @BenFredette
Produced by J Dilla

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Attack Me With Your Love (Prod. Ric & Thaddus) [Owey]

After the success off his Donks, Dimes, & Diamonds mixtape Owey decides to show a different side on his latest single "Attack Me With Your Love". The funky Ric & Thaddus produced banger is a different look for the Pittsburgh native, showing off his versatility. You can find the dirty and radio read clean versions below. Be on the lookout for many more mixtapes, videos and singles from Owey this year. Follow Owey on Twitter @OG_Owey.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Varsity Squad New School Boom Bap!

The wait is finally over! Varsity Squad, Beedie and Jon Quest, finally release their highly anticipated duo album "New School Boom Bap"


If you really wanna support grab the album on iTunes!

Against The Wall (Prod. YD) [Pyrex Pre$$ ft. YD] Video

As promised Pyrex Pre$$ delivers his video for "Against The Wall" featuring and produced by YD and directed by Kyle Wentzel. The track can be found on Pre$$'s No Cook mixtape. Follow Pyrex Pre$$ and YD on Twitter @PyrexPress @YDMoolaGang.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Catch Up On Folkland

Folkland is a hiphop duo out of Pittsburgh. I got a chance to meet Los while I was working and we linked up to get some blogs for them up.  Check them out on youtube and datpiff.