Friday, September 30, 2011

B.White Meet and Greet and 20 % off entire Store !

This Saturday Oct 1st Meet and Greet with B.White (The 58's ) with Dj Tom Dug and Outtareach on the Wheels of Steel . Party starts at 4pm come and listing to B.White New mixtape the Evidence and enjoy the 20 % off in the entire Store . also check out B.White Newest visual called The Money produced by our homie Sayez .

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

B White [The Evidence]

B. White of The 58s returns with his latest mixtape entitled The Evidence. B is out to prove to the world why he's one of the best up and coming MC's in Pittsburgh. The project features Franchise, Vinny Radio, Mayo, 4 Pound, and production from Sayez, Big Jerm, Git Beats and more. Play this only at high volumes. Follow B. White on Twitter @BWhite58s.

Datpiff Download

Mediafire Download

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swag Homicide [Tolly]

Tolly returns with a new jam off his up coming Tollywood 3 mixtape entitled "Swag Homicide". Tolly sounds right at home over this banger from HB. Lookout for more leaks from Tollywood 3 coming soon. Follow Tolly on Twitter @TOLLYBANDZ.


Limited Edition Tree Jay X Homegrown Outfitter Tee [I Love TreeJ TV]

Photo credit Justin Boyd

The time is now!
The Limited edition black/green Tree Jay X Homegrown Outfitters tee drops 9-27-11 (TODAY!) at 4:20pm est. . The front of the shirt has a weed leaf with the stem spelling Jay. On the back of the shirt there's an eye, a heart, and a TV that says "Tree J TV". Anyone who is a Mac Miller fan knows that Tree J TV is the official youtube channel for his videos. This black/green color way is limited edition and only available on TIMEBOMBSHOP while supplies last. Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park is set to drop 11/8/11 or when pre sales reach 100,000! Get excited and make sure to check out Mac and Tree J on the Blue Slide Park tour coming to a city near you!

YD (of Moola Gang) "Get Out My Face" Music Video

NEW LUKE-O! Moola Gang returns to bring you the visual to group member YD's new single "Get Out My Face". Luke-o is sporting the OG Clock by TIMEBOMB.  Video is directed by Moola Media, these visuals shows YD, aka Luke-O, in his natural element, Hip-Hop with style. Catch YD at the one and only TIMEBOMB along with the big boss dog Brick "Mr Get Your Life Right" Diggler telling you how it is and to get that camera THE FUCK out his face.  Also peep YD at the shadow lounge with cameo's from J Quest from Varisty squad and more.  You can catch Pittsburgh's own Shade Cobain provides the beat and the genius Richard Pyror vocal sample on the hook. Get out Moola Gang's way and definitely get out Luke-O's face! Download YD's new mixtape "NEW LUKE-O" now . Follow on YD on  twitter @YDMoolaGang.

Blue Slide Park Track List [Mac Miller]

Just yesterday Mac released the Track List for his upcoming album "Blue Slide Park".  BSP drops 11/8/11 but you can preorder it here!

1. English Lane (prod. by Ritz Reynold)
2. Blue Slide Park (prod. by ID Labs)
3. Party On Fifth Ave. (prod. by ID Labs)
4. PA Nights (prod. by Mansions On The Moon)
5. Frick Park Market (prod. by ID Labs) | MUSIC VIDEO
6. Smile Back (prod. by ID Labs) | MUSIC VIDEO
7. Under The Weather (prod. by ID Labs)
8. Of The Soul (prod. by ID Labs)
9. My Team (prod. by Clams Casino)
10. Up All Night (prod. by ID Labs)
11. Loitering (prod. by ID Labs)
12. Hole In My Pocket (prod. by Ritz Reynold)
13. Diamonds & Gold (prod. by Young L & ID Labs)
14. Missed Calls (prod. by Ritz Reynold)
15. Man In The Hat (prod. by Ritz Reynold & ID Labs)
16. One Last Thing (prod. by Clams Casino)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Malik Muyo- Can't Stop My Grind (Prod. Aus10 Paris)

Newest video for Malik Muyo (@malikmuyotv) "Can't Stop My Grind" Produced by Aus10 Paris (@Aus10paris).  The video was directed by Tyler Bonner (@T_Bone_412) and edited by Malik Muyo himself.  The songs a definite banger.  Check out Austin for rocking that dope Timebomb tee and Malik sporting Blasfome sunglasses and that Daily Bread Pa snap back.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wiz Khalifa Ft Chevy Woods [Taylor Gang]

The new Taylor Gang video With Wiz and Chevy.  It features clips from his last tour and other behind the scenes clips.  You can catch Chevy wearing a Timebomb Pretty Women shirt in the video.  Cop the Timebomb Pretty Women tee along with others at TIMEBOMB!

Chevy Woods [The Cookout]

The newest mixtape from Chevy Woods, "The Cookout", featuring Wiz Khalifa as Cap on 8 of the 11 songs.  Presented by Taylor Gang. Follow @ChevyWoods @realWizKhalifa.  Keep your eyes open for some new videos from this tape.


Mac Miller - Smile Back

The newest single from Blue Slide Park titled "Smile Back".  Blue Slide Park will be dropping 11-8-11 so keep your eyes peeled for more from Mac in the mean time.  If you look closely you can see a Timebomb piece in the background, let us know if you can spot it!

Mod Sun Blazed By The Bell Mixtape

Here's the latest mixtape from the homie Mod Sun titled "Blazed By The Bell" hosted by Dj ill will and Dj Rockstar.  This tape has features from some pretty big names I'm sure most of you are familiar with.  Earlier this summer Mod Sun was on tour and had a show down at Rex Theater in Southside but before he hit the venue he got his life right at Timebomb.  Check out some pictures below of Mod Sun rocking Timebomb shirts and the Good Wood chain.  Grab your TIMEBOMB gear here!


Friday, September 23, 2011

B. White - Let Me Breathe (prod. Big Jerm & Sayez)

B. White keeps the campaign going strong for the release of his latest mixtape The Evidence. "Let Me Breathe" finds B venting about life over a banger from Pittsburgh producers Big Jerm and Sayez. This is just a taste of what you will find on The Evidence, which drops September 28th. Follow B. White on Twitter @BWhite58s.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Check out the newest boss to sit at the Moola Gang & The Family table, Grimez. Ring leader of his own movement, The Runt Gang, Duquense's rising star felt it was only right to join forces with the South West Pa All-Star crew Moola Gang. To christen the union, Moola Gang and Runt Gang bring to you, Grimey Brown. Inspired by the classic Hip-Hop film Belly, Grimez stars as the infamous Tommy Brown.  Recorded in one week, Grimez shows how effortless it is to make quality hits. Sure to be a Pittsburgh classic, this tape features hometown hero' s S. Money, Boaz, Shig and Moola Gang. Also check out the Grimey Brown Trailer and first single to the tape "MgRg" featuring YD and Pyrex Pre$$, produced by Kilz.

B. White "Hardwood Classic" feat. Billy Mayo produced by Sayez [LEAK]

On September 28th 2011 B. White will release his latest mixtape The Evidence. B. White has been quietly working on this tape since the release of The 58s self titled album. "Hardwood Classic" finds B and his right hand man Mayo going back and forth over a banging Sayez beat. Download it below and prepare yourself for the evidence! Support the movement and make sure to grab a 58s tee on TIMEBOMBSHOP.

Follow B. White on Twitter @BWhite58s.

Devin Miles - All Good/Thinkin Bout A Million Video. #TheRLES

Devin Miles hot off a few college shows and opening for Kid Cudi releases his duo video for All Good & Thinkin’ Bout A Million. Keep a watch on this dude he’s going to at this years A3C festival this October. The song "All Good" features production from Big Jerm.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mighty Healthy X Diamond Supply Co Collab

Check out the new Mighty Healthy X Diamond Supply Co collaborations that just touched down at TIMEBOMBSHOP. These tees are limited so don't sleep!

Putchya L's Up Tee BACK IN STOCK!

We have a fresh load of PUTCHYA L'S UP tees available on TIMEBOMBSHOP. This tee was worn by Mac Miller in the Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza video. Big L has been a huge influence in Mac's music choice- check out this INTERVIEW where he talks about Big L and his upcoming album Blue Slide Park in stores November 8th.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rest In Peace Anthony Williams aka Roc Raida: May 17, 1972 - September 19, 2009

Yesterday marked the 2nd year anniversary of Roc Raida's transition to the spiritual realm. Dj Rob Swift wanted to honor Raida with a few words. 

"It’s past midnight here in Adelaide, Australia. Tonight was the last performance of my Australian tour. The entire time I’ve been channeling my brother Anthony Williams aka Roc Raida. Whether it was listening to his “Time’s Up” scratches in my boy Randy Glazer’s car (what up Randy?), staying in the same hotels we crashed in when Raida brought us out as the X-ecutioners in 2008 or walking inside tonight’s venue and watching a beautiful mural being painted of him, Raida has been like an angel on my shoulder this entire trip. Thus, on this 2nd year anniversary of Raida’s transition, I’d like to honor him with the following words.
I met Roc Raida at the 1991 East Coast DMC qualifying round. It was the first competition I ever entered. As I walked up in there with my mentor Drew, better known as Dr. Butcher, I recall encountering the mighty X-Men for the first time. They all were there, Steve D, Johnny Cash, Diamond Jay, Sean C and Roc Raida [at the time he actually spelled it Rock Raider]. They [the X-Men] were loud and drawing attention to themselves. You’d hear them laughing and joking throughout the entire preliminary. But what I found interesting about Raida was he was the complete opposite of his crew. Raida was the quietest one of all. That really intrigued me and his silent temperament made him stand out even more than his rambunctious partners.
Steve D, Raida and the rest of the X-men entered the competition so there was an air of intimidation affecting the competitors. But as much as we respected them, Drew and I were confident we trained hard enough to impress the judges (Clark Kent, DJ Word and Rose, who ran DMC NY at the time) and place somewhere in that top 8 slot.
I remember getting up on stage and hearing Drew tell Clark Kent “watch my boy Rob!” A I looked into the audience of DJs competing for the same exact thing I wanted, I noticed the X-men thrOWING up their X signs. Publicly displaying thEIR brotherhood connection while putting fear into the hearts and minds of the other competitors. Once I dropped my first routine, “Eric B. For President”, the only people that existed though were Drew to my right and me on the turntables!

After the battle, Drew introduced me to Steve D who happened to be standing right next to Raida at the time. I shook hands with Steve and we exchanged a few words. I then turned to Raida and introduced myself. I don’t remember him saying much, LOL. But I do remember the head nod and grin he gave me, it was classic Raida. He was always a bit stand offish when you first met him. About 1 week later Steve asked Dr. Butcher and I if we’d get down with the X-men. I was honored because Steve opened the door to an exclusive click of DJs anyone would of been honored to be a part of. What’s more, my induction into the X-men set the path for Raida and I to form an unbreakable bond.
I remember going to Raida’s pad for the first time and thinking “there’s no way I’m gonna be able to practice and this dude’s set.” That’s because he had two belt driven turntables. Belt driven turntables are the worst, especially for DJs like like us who need strong, durable, direct drive turntables to take the physical abuse we unleash on them during a practice session. But nope, he had belt drives! See, Raida didn’t have it so good as a young kid. He was a product of Foster projects (Harlem, NYC). Consequently, it’s not like Raida grew up around the type of money needed to purchase direct drive turntables like Technic1200s. But that didn’t stop him. I’d watch Raida in his bedroom, on these horrible turntables and shitty mixer, defying all the odds. I’m sorry but no man is supposed to do what Raida did on those B-1s. If you turned away, you’d think he was using Technics.

That’s what impacted me most about Raida. He worked with what he had and made the best of it. It didn’t make a difference to him. It’s a true testament to how dedicated and focused he was. You could put him on a bullshit pair of turntables and he would figure out a way to use them to the best of his abilities. When you think about it, it’s pretty symbolic of his life as a Harlem youth. In the grand scheme of things, Raida did a lot with very little!
Raida loved being on turntables, whether they were belt or direct drive. In front of a crowd or in his bedroom, it didn’t matter. His passion for Djing, specifically battling, was contagious. Raida was one of those battle DJs who’s name will stand the test of time. People will always study him in their own pursuit of a championship. It’s like boxing. If you want to be a good boxer, a champion, you study Muhammad Ali. In that same way, generations after Roc Raida will study him. I say that because that’s how Raida learned, by studying cats.
If Raida saw someone do a trick where they spin their body clockwise while backspinning LL Cool J saying “rock the bells… rock the bells,” Raida would figure out a way to spin clockwise AND counter clockwise while catching “rock the bells”. If he saw you do a trick he liked, he’d learn it, do it better and add his personality to it. Thus, intensifying it. And at the end of the day, that’s what DJing is. None of us would be scratching if if not for the likes of Grandwizard Theodore passing the technique down to his peers. The point is to add on to what you take from watching another. Therefore pushing the art forward. Raida’s style was symbolic of that.

Aside from turntable skills, the one thing I’ll always remember about Raida is he loved being around us. Especially on tour. For Raida, it wasn’t so much about being on stage or seeing other parts of the world. I think he was simply happy to be with us, sharing a tour bus, eating as a group, hanging out and laughing. He thrived off getting everyone together and watching movies on the bus. Raida truly appreciated the camaraderie we all developed from touring. That’s one of the things I feel I took for granted during the X-ecutioners days.
I was always the one who hated touring. I even had my moments during this week in Australia where I felt “Man, I just wanna be home”. But Raida would drop everything the minute he heard about a tour opportunity. He’d get all giddy. I think more so because he knew touring meant quality time with his crew. At the time I didn’t really understand it. I would be like “Oh man! Another tour? Fuck, alright, we gotta work, we gotta promote this album.” It was more of a drag for me. But for Raida, it was the exact opposite. He’d come ready with all his video camera and commence to taping every second of our lives on the road.

Where as I felt a tour was forcing me to leave home, maybe in Raida’s mind he was bringing home with him in a way. It’s as if he saw the road as an extension of home because he was around us and he saw us as family. That’s something that I’ve really come to understand and appreciate more after he passed away. Man, “…after he passed away” I still haven’t accepted it completely.
If you’ve been under a rock the past 2 years, Raida was a martial arts student at a school in Maryland where he resided with his wife Tyeasha and 3 children (Asia, Nyra and Tia). On the night of September 3rd, 2009 (a Thursday) Raida suffered a horrible accident during a sparring session with a classmate at his martial arts school. The classmate fell on top of Raida’s spinal cord (near his neck) causing sever misalignment. I’m not sure if the classmate fell on top of him to counter a move, slipped and fell, or if he fell after a take down by Raida. Raida didn’t remember the exact details of the incident. The accident caused the loss of feeling in his lower extremities. Raida was rushed to the hospital.
I remember receiving the news on my way to the 2009 World DMC Finals in London the following morning, Sept. 4th. Needless to say, I was a mess. That weekend doctors performed two surgeries on him. Raida the competitor battled through and he was moved to a rehab facility in Maryland about 1 1/2 weeks after the accident. I remember being on the road throughout the entire ordeal, getting hourly updates from his wife Tye. I was calling her from London, Seattle…
Fresh off the road, on September 18th (a Friday night), I drove down to visit with Raida and I brought some of the guys with me – Mista Sinista, DJ Precision, Dr. Butcher, and Gudtyme. After the 4 hour trek, it felt good to enter his rehab room and let Raida know, in person, we were all pulling for him. His spirits were up and although you could tell he wasn’t 100% himself we were still optimistic about Raida walking again. In a raspy voice, Raida said “look, I’m not sure why this happened, but I accept it. if anything I gotta figure out why, maybe there is a reason behind all this.” Makes you think twice about the every day problems you stress about right?
After 10 minutes or so of visiting with Raida we were back to our joking ways. The crew being together reminded me of occasions we’d be on the road, hanging out backstage or in one of our hotel rooms, shootin’ the shit about whatever. It’s like I forgot why we were there. It was like old times again It was beautiful!
Raida pretty much kicked us out cause it was approaching the end of visiting hours and we were getting louder and louder by the minute. Joking, laughing at fond memories we all shared. None of us were ready to leave but we knew he needed his rest. So we all gathered around Raida while Dr. Butcher led us in prayer. As we left, each of us gave Raida a big hug and said our goodbyes. I left thinking I’d see him again the following week but approximately 14 hours later (Saturday, September 19th) he suffered cardiac arrest and passed away. Getting the news was confusing. I couldn’t comprehend how Raida could go from “yo they’re gonna teach me how to get into my wheelchair and I’ll be able to cruise around the rehab facility on my own…” to physically leaving us hours later? The key word in my previous sentence is PHYSICALLY though. Let me explain.
When you think about it, Raida is still here. His presence surrounds me and you everyday. Each time I turn my 1200s on in my studio I’m reminded of the countless hours we spent practicing. Perfecting our skills! Each time you log on to youtube you have the opportunity to be visually graced with his eXtraordinary skill. When I stepped on stage tonight in Adelaide, Australia, I felt Raida’s spirit guiding me through my performance. Raida’s energy was coming through that peace you see me standing in front of…"

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Cookout Artwork/Release Party Flyer

We presented to you the artwork for Chevy Woods upcoming mixtape "The Cookout" the follow up to Red Cup Music.  "The Cookout" features fellow Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa as Cap.  You can expect him to be on a majority of the tracks. The highly anticipated mixtape drops this Saturday, make sure you check us out for the official free download.  Also join us Saturday night at club Zoo for the official Taylor Gang release party.  The party starts at 7:30 and features Chevy for a mini performance along with a meet and greet and DJ's spinning all night.  This is a must go event for anyone in Pittsburgh and especially all you die hard T.G.O.D. fans.  We'll be in the building, come check us out.

Beedie - Cardiac Arrest & Beedie Sings The Blues (Official Music Video)

It’s a new week & that means Varsity Squad is back with another leak from their “Varsity Tryouts” series. This week Beedie decided to unleash a visual from his recent album The Beat Bully LP, directed by Glass Canon Films. They filmed the 2-part music video in New York City, which starts with “Cardiac Arrest” produced by Czientist and transitions into “Beedie Sings The Blues” produced by DJ Vex. After receiving over 50,000 views on his last video, Beedie along with Jon Quest are hard at work completing the VS album, due out late this year. Follow Beedie on Twitter: @Beedie412 @VarsitySquadVS @SHOTandCUT. Also check out the Blasfome and SoulIISole gear through out the video along with the TIMEBOMB good wood Beedie is rocking.  Peace to Dj Drastik making the cameo in the vid, I see you uncle.

The Cookout - Official Trailer

The cookout featuring Wiz Khalifa as Cap coming September 24th. Get your plates ready...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

L-R-Generations Tour

L-R-G (Lifted Research Group) is proud to announce the first-ever L-R-Generations Tour, with Freddie Gibbs9th WonderRapsody, and The Kid Daytona. The eight-date trek kicks off at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY on September 28th and ends at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN on October 10th.
Freddie Gibbs, fresh from signing a deal with Young Jeezy’s CTE label, is building anticipation for his forthcoming L-R-G-supported album, Cold Day In Hell, due out this fall. After releasing his latest offering Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away, and joining Young Jeezy on a national tour, Gibbs headlines the L-R-Generations Tour, which will make stops in his home state of Indiana, as well as Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and at Atlanta’s A3C Festival.  Also keep a look out for an in store meet and greet at Timebomb with Freddie Gibbs and 9th Wonder. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beat Bully LP Album Release Party

The Beat Bully LP Album Release Party


At Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA on July 23, 2011

Also featuring...

Edited by: @tomlarkin
Shot by: Billy Hoyle, Dylan, Nicholas Lombardi

Varsity Squad - INTROduction (Welcome To Tryouts) (prod. Shade Cobain)

Varsity Squad, made up of Pittsburgh emcees Jon Quest & Beedie, have been hard at work crafting their debut album over the last year. With the recent success of Beedie’s solo album The Beat Bully LP as well as receiving nearly 50,000 views on his most recent music video, Beedie & Jon Quest are ready to introduce you to VS with a weekly series of leaks, titled “Varsity Tryouts”, building up to their album release later this year. For the first week they decided to unleash one of the first tracks they ever made as VS, entitled “INTROduction (Welcome To Tryouts)”, produced by Shade Cobain. Follow VS on Twitter @VarsitySquadVS @Beedie412 @JonQuest412.


Classic Material: Whats The 411

It's about time that we throw a little love the ladies way once again. After our hugely successful "Ladies First" tribute roughly 6 months ago, it was decided it was time to bring it back for the females, this time with a little twist. A power hour in tribute to the Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige. Mary jumped on the scene 1992 with a little help from Puff Daddy and forged a new sound fusing R&B and Hip-Hop that she continues to develop to this day. Mary has worked with many a hip-hop lumanarie running the gamat from Grand Puba, to Method Man, to Big Boi. Come give celebration to her longstanding musical career with a couple hundred folks that still know how to have a good time (sweat) at a function. Other R&B legends will be showcased throughout the evening and as always a collection of videos on the big screen that fit this months theme.
Classic Material "What's The 411"
A Tribute to Mary J. Blige + Other Classic R&B Material
W/Resident CM Selectors, Selecta + SMI
Saturday September 17
Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Blvd

Friday, September 9, 2011


RZA aka Bobby Digital of Wu Tang recently wore the Wu Tang LTD tank by Rocksmith at a few shows.  We got plenty of Wu tang gear at TIMEBOMBSHOP!


LRG Green x Ironlak Spraycan from LRG on Vimeo.

This is a limited edition run of signature LRG Green spray cans designed in collaboration with Australian based paint company Ironlak, LRG design, and graffiti artist Pose One. The concept of the project was to create a retro American stye spray paint can with Ironlak paint quality and coverage in LRG's signature green color. Every detail of this can was fine tuned and knit picked- from the lids, to the matching green nozzle, to the scumbag smoking giraffe character on the front.

Available here -​specialty-products/​lrg-x-ironlak-limited-spray-can-1.html

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Come Up - Voices Of The City (Official Music Video)

The Come Up link up with Justin Boyd to bring you the first visual off of the In Good Hands EP with one half of the ID Labs production team, Big Jerm. The track is similar to the songs of the golden era of Hip-Hop but with Franchise and Vinny Radio putting their own new twist on it. The video takes you through the different areas of downtown Pittsburgh. Can you hear "The Voices Of The City"? Follow The Come Up on Twitter @TheComeUpBoys.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Brooklyn Beat Tape [Primavera Vills]

Primavera Vills of The Scholars and The 58s recently released his debut solo mixtape Shorthand Legend  but he's already back at it with his first beat tape entitled Happy Birthday Brooklyn. The project is dedicated to the birthday of his one year old daughter, Brooklyn. We already knew that Vills was a beast on the mic but it turns out he's a beast on the beats as well. This a must download for any aspiring MC's out there looking for something to write to or for anyone that wants to zone out to some real boom bap production. Vills has a few projects planned for the future so keep your eyes peeled. Follow him on Twitter @PrimaveraVills.


Friday, September 2, 2011

This Is Life [The Come Up]

After the success of their debut EP In Good Hands produced entirely by ID Labs own Big Jerm, they return with a new short jam produced by the team of Ryan Neitznick, J. Fish & P. Fish.  The three composed the beat with live instrumentation.  THe Come Up Boys are already hard at work on their debut album, which already features production from 9th Wonder and KHRYSIS.  You can also catch them opening for Mac Miller on the Blue Slide Park Tour this fall.  Follow them on Twitter @TheComeUpBoys



Labor Day Weekend is nearly upon us… And those that know Brooklyn know this weekend the streets of Flatbush and Crown Heights will explode for the Carribean Day parade. In the spirit of the many Caribbean nations pouring into our streets to tear it up, we decided to contribute to the mayhem by throwing a new mixtape project into the mix - one that would end the summer with a bang… or a murder.
We teamed up with the mighty Federation Sound to bring you SUMMER MURDA, a unique, 48-track soundclash mix full of exclusive dubplates from a wide range of dancehall's greatest new and old artists - including the likes of Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Chino, Mr. Lexx, Kardinal Offishall and Flippa Mafia to true OGs Johnny Osbourne, Shinehead and Freddie McGregor. Our collective focus was not to bring you the latest, newest dancehall, but to create something timeless.  Here's a quick taste of what you can expect to hear...
Federation Sound was originally founded in 1999 by Max Glazer, Kenny Meez and Cipha Sounds and has since grown to become a worldwide force in reggae music (and include Alric & Bodyd from Fame FM, Jamaica) and the late Disco D (RIP). Representing Brooklyn, Jamaica and Philly, they have collaborated with Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Baby Cham and Aidonia, as well has have produced dancehall remixes for Rihanna, when not keeping up with a busy travel schedule. Federation also host weekly shows on, iTunes Radio/ and Scion's streaming mixshow, as well as their own Federation Invasion podcast.
We'll be dropping SUMMER MURDA online on Saturday, September 3rd at 5pm (Brooklyn time) and will be celebrating with catered food, drink and soundclash at an outdoor launch affair from 7-11pm (see details below) with Max Glazer and guests (Federation Sound), DJ Ayres (The Rub) and Nick Catchdubs (Fool's Gold). We'll see you there…

Black Market 2 [Shad Black]

Shad Black is one of Pittsburgh's best kept secrets but not for much longer.  His latest mixtape, The Black Market 2 hosted by DJ Scoob Doo, features Shad at his finest spitting hard bars over banging production.  Shad's style could be compared to the likes of Stack Bundles or Jadakiss; witty but with a street edge.  The project feates the likes of Vado, Franchise and Kizzl with production from Sledgren, Cardo, Big Jerm and more.  Follow Shad on twitter @ShadBlack.

Money Cash Kush [Tolly]

After the success of Tollywood 2 Tolly returns with a new jam entitled "M.C.K." or "Money Cash Kush" produced by Taylor Gang's own Sledgren. This jam knocks hard so throw it on your iPod or spin it in the club and your guaranteed to a good response. Be on the lookout for more new music from Tolly coming soon and follow him on Twitter @TOLLYBANDZ.


ADHD [Kendrick Lamar] presented by Rocksmith

Rocksmith is quickly growing streetwear company based out of Tokyo.  Although they have been on their grind for awhile their popularity has been sky rocketing ever since street wear has become very trendy.  Check out the video below directed by Vashtie and starring an upcoming artist that some of you might already be aware of, Kendrick Lamar.  KL and Rocksmith actually happen to be very similar in some ways.  One makes clothes, the other makes music but they both make quality products.  Kendrick has been dropping mixtapes for awhile, formally under the name "K dot" but is finally getting the shine he deserves now.  Rocksmith can relate, they'll always made quality t-shirts with dope concepts but it took till now to finally get on a bigger radar.  Hopefully with this video they can both help each other get to where they would like to be.

Rocksmith Presents Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D. - Directed by Vashtie from Rocksmith on Vimeo.