Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mac Miller is a Somalia Pirate!

Mac Miller was spotted at ID Labs last night rocking the Blasfome Somalia Pirates design made famous by Wiz Khalifa. He's about to embark on a 12 show tour called The Incredibly Dope Tour. Make sure to check him out and check out in a city near you and get all your Somalia Pirates needs ONLY at TIMEBOMBSHOP.

The East Liberty Crow is Taking Over!

We've been overwhelmingly busy here at TimeBomb the past couple months. Between the holidays, web orders and me and Bricks new post at Boot Prints screen printing shop we have been killing the streets! At this point we show no sign of slowing down with more designs dropping weekly. You can get your very own East Liberty Crow tee HERE and be on the lookout for the new black tee and crewneck dropping soon.

New ROLL 1UP Tee

Remember the late night nintendo marathons? What about the late night weed marathons? Probably not so much HAHA. Our buddies over at 2in1 clothing just came up with the ROLL 1UP design. It has the green 1up mushroom from the Super Mario Bros games with the phrase ROLL 1UP stacked on it. They are selling like hotcakes so if you like to roll one up make sure to stop by TIMEBOMBSHOP and grab yours today!

Mac Miller The Incredibly Dope Tour + Knock Knock Tee

Rostrum Records & Most Dope present: The Incredibly Dope Tour! Mac Miller is embarking on a 12 city tour with his most dope crew. He also has DJ Clockwork (gotclockwork.com) coming along to provide the 1's and 2's. If your lucky enough to be in one of the cities he's visiting you better get your tickets now because Mac knows how to sell out a show!

If your a Mac Miller enthusiast then i'm sure you've seen the most recent Rex Arrow masterpiece Knock Knock. If you pay attention to some of KIDS in the video you'll notice they have on a white shirt with a big green knocking fist with the words KNOCK KNOCK across it. Thats the limited edition tee made especially for the video and you can purchase it only at TIMEBOMBSHOP. Check the tee out below and make sure to check back for the all the best information on Pittsburgh hip hop and more.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pittsburgh Cypher Volume 1

Anyone who listens to Pittsburgh hip hop knows that now more then ever the ball is in our court. When people hear the words Pittsburgh hip hop the first thing to come to their minds is most likely Wiz Khalifa or Mac Miller. Little do they know that Pittsburgh is home to some heavy hitter spitters. Local female MC Kellee Maize recently put together a cipher containing some well known Pittsburgh rappers. Check out the video below to see Kellee Maize, Boaz, S Money, Jasiri X and Cynik Lethal lay into this beat. Also can't forget DJ Huggy on the wheels and we see you DJ Shef and BZE. Make sure to keep checking back for everything Pittsburgh hip hop.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Blasfome Ahoy Hoodies [BLACK FRIDAY DROP]

dark heather grey

This Friday we have a lot going on down at TimeBomb. Make sure to come thru and check out our Early Bird Gets The Worm Sale, great discounts all day long! But if you don't have time to come by the store you can always check out the new merchandise on TIMEBOMBSHOP. One of the drops that is coming out this Friday is the exclusive Blasfome Ahoy! Hoody, the design which depicts a pirates logo and says Somaila Pirates was made famous by Wiz Khalifa in the Proud To Be A Taylor video. Be the first of your friends to get your hands on one of these hoodies because they are going fast! Have a great holidaze and we'll see you Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do You Live The UTB / Taylor Gang Life$tyle?

You know who it is


It's Mac Miller rocking the UTB Life$tyle Hoody in Heather Grey

Pittsburgh are you ready? Actually... WORLD are you ready? TIMEBOMBSHOP has just received a massive amount of UTB Life$tyle Taylor Gang apparel available now on our site . We've got hoodies and tees and they're already going FAST! Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller approve and so should you!! Get yours today because they could be gone tomorrow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Early Bird Gets The Worm [BLACK FRIDAY SALE]

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so that can only mean one thing.. BLACK FRIDAY! This is a day full of huge sales and crazy people running all over the place to get the best deals out. Well if your one of those crazy people then you will be making your way to TimeBomb this Friday. Make sure to come early because the earlier you come the more you save so literally DON'T SLEEP on these deals!! We are opening at 7am and will have coffee and sweets on deck to keep you shopping. Sadly this is an in-store event only so our internet shoppers will have to take the backseat on this one. On another note keep any eye out for some East Liberty crows.. they are taking over!

7am-8am 35% off
8am-9am 30% off
9am-10am 25% off
10am-11am 20% off
11am-12pm 15% off
12pm-8pm 15% off

TimeBomb would also like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving spend it with your family getting your life right!!

vitaminTHICK X CMU X TimeBomb = Cool Kids Club

[ This offer is exclusive to students and faculty with a CMU ID from 11/20/2010 - 12/30/10 ]

vitaminTHICK was founded within the walls of Carnegie Mellon University by two alumni with too much retail and fashion consumer savvy to not be designing and marketing premium men's apparel. To commemorate it's second season in coast-to-coast retail, brand principals Elliot Curtis and Andrew Shedd would like to do their part in combatting style apathy, a social symptom of the campus-wide epidemic known as the "CMU Goggles" effect, by issuing all students and faculty with valid CMU ID a courtesy discount at our local retailer TimeBomb.

Come check out vitaminTHICK today at TIMEBOMBSHOP


KNOCK KNOCK... who's there?? IT'S MAC MILLER!! Thats right it's the time we've all been waiting for.. Mac Millers newest video KNOCK KNOCK just hit the web. A big shout out goes to Mac Miller, Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records, Lucas Stevens and Justin Boyd. Without the collaborative effort of all these parties involved this video would have never come to fruition. Come join Mac Miller as him and his most dope crew get involved with some hip cats from around the block and show them what being most dope is all about. Keep an eye out for yours truly as a seriously hip 50's chick. Keep an eye out for the KNOCK KNOCK tee featured in the video and get to TIMEBOMBSHOP to get your own before they are out. Check the video below and remember 1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy ass kids coming knocking at your door- SO LET EM IN!

Real Deal putting in for Pittsburgh ! 412 stand up !

Check out Real Deal's newest battle to hit the interweb. He's going head to head with Thesaurus at a battle called Grizzle Mania 2 in Miami. According to the judges Thesaurus won.. according to all the comments on YouTube Real Deal won.. check the video out above and make your own decision.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Red Cup Music : Chevy Woods

If your a true hip hop fan from Pittsburgh then you know who Chevy Woods (Kev Tha Hustler) is. On the side from touring with Wiz Khalifa he has been very busy and has made a movement.. Red Cup Music. Check out the trailer above and keep your ear to the streets for more on Chevy Woods he's got a lot of hot shit in the works.

DJ Mick Boogie is Taking Over PIttsburgh One Night Only!

Charismatic Nightlife Presents...

The Commisioner
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

@ The Shadow Lounge / AVA
5972 Baum Blvd. / 126 S. Highland Ave

Doors / 9pm-2am
Admission / $15
Ladies FREE til 10pm

Hosted & Music by
DJ Nate Da Phat Barber

Open BAR for Ciroc Cocktails between 9pm-10pm

For more info on MICK BOOGIE visit MickBoogie.com

Friday, November 12, 2010

Newest Taylor Gang Member, Tolly Releases New Track

My boy Tolly, best known for his hit entitled Bands, has released his latest track, 'Okay'. This ish is off his upcoming album Tollywood, which anticipated fans can expect to be out December 2nd. Hosted by Dj Capcom and Dj Haze, this is gonna be hot! Ricky P productions came thru with Tolly to produce Okay, which you can listen to HERE. And be sure to stay tuned for his upcoming album by keeping in touch with the kid on his twitter.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Everyone here at TimeBomb would like to say thank you to all the veterans out there today. We have many different close friends that have served in the armed forces and today is all about you! Our very own vet Joe Boots designed this "IF YOU CAN READ THIS THANK A VET" tee just for today. These tees are limited edition so grab yours NOW! Check out the tee below and buy yours HERE .


New Shoe Line [Supa FedUp™]

Supa FedUp™ is a lifestyle fashion brand that was founded in late 2008, by a street smart designer named Gil. The brand all started from Gil's frustration with spending hours and hours in sneaker stores trying to find the right shoe in the right color. He was FedUp at this point and wanted to do something about it. So in late 2008 he embarked on making his own shoe company. From this whole experience he chose the name Supa FedUp™ for his new brand. The styles are inspired from the 80's and early 90's urban cultures, this includes skateboard and hip hop culture to everything in between. Supa FedUp™ has a unique snazzy look that expresses a wide diversity and sense of style threw cool and warm colors. Ultimately Gil has no fear in his designs. Purchase yours today at TIMEBOMBSHOP we have limited size runs available NOW!

checkout the Pudefs we have in stock now below

Nick Pratt The New Cool

Earlier this year the Fear of Falling EP was presented, released, and served as an introduction to the southern lyricist known as Nick Pratt. His overt lyricism and candor has helped him build a substantial buzz, placements on heavily promoted shows, and online press. In efforts to build off of his success, Nick Pratt returns with a solid second EP, “The New Cool”. Nick focused on showing his growth as an individual and artist while maintaining his illustrious bravado.

In this short feature by ShortHand Films, “Re-Introducing Nick Pratt,” Pratt’s talent is re-examined. The four-minute film speaks to Pratt about “The New Cool,” the feel of his second EP and what it was like working with collaborators. As an added extra, Pratt finished with a quick acapella that is sure to impress.

Re-Introducing Nick Pratt


Nick Pratt Website: http://nickprattmusic.com

Nick Pratt Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickprattmusic

Nick Pratt Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nickprattmusic

Management Contact: blackoutpmg@gmail.com

Mac Miller Show Tomorrow November 12!

Join Mac Miller as he does his first show since the Smokers Club Tour last month. It''s going to be at the Irish Centre located on 6886 Forward Ave Pittsburgh PA 15217. This is an all ages show so make to get there at 7pm when the doors open. The show pops off promptly at 8pm. You can pay $15 at the door or reserve your ticket now HERE for $13. Get most dope and we'll see you there!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pre-Black Friday BLACK AND YELLOW One Day Sale

Yes you heard right. We are having a Pre-Black Friday BLACK AND YELLOW One Day Sale on Saturday November 13th from 12-8. This sale is INSTORE only.. sorry internet customers this one is strictly for the 412! Join us and receive 20% off merchandise all day plus other great deals. Come join us as we sell cheap clothes and listen to great music via DJ Vex and DJ Final Cut.


New Black Put Your L's Up Tee in NOW!

Joe Boots with Lord Finesse PUTCHYA L'S UP!

Remember back in the 90's when hip hop was actually good? HA just kidding but for real there was a lot of REAL hip hop to make it out of that era. The backbone of a good song is the beat and without that you don't have much. Thanks to the likes of great producers like Lord Finesse we are blessed with such songs such as Big L's MVP. Last February we brought DJ Lord Finesse thru the Shadow Lounge for the "Big L Rest in Peace" edition of the monthly hip hop night. Throughout the night we paid tribute to Big L, J Dilla and many other greats that have passed. For the event me and Joe Boots made some tee's to commemorate the night- Boots went with the Put Your L's Up and I went with the J Dilla Saved My Life. Mac Miller rolled threw with his most dope crew and copped a tee. August 13 Mac dropped his newest mixtape K.I.D.S. and on it he uses Lord Finesse's Hip to the Game beat on a track called Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza. Mac's mixtape has been widely accepted and has become highly popular throughout the internet. Check out the video below.

Since then we have been selling tons of the Big L tees on our site TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM . Since the holiday season is just around the corner Boot Prints ran some black Put Your L's Up tees. Check both of them out below or click HERE to buy now!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mac Miller KNOCK KNOCK [@dailybreadpa point of view]

Our good homie Billy the kid is the Most Dope photographer and got some good photos of behind the scenes shots of the video from the other day. As you can tell from the photos this is going to be his biggest video yet! Check em out and also take a look at the DAILYBREADPA blog and make sure to follow him on twitter @dailybreadpa.

whos that knocking on your door? Mac Miller of course!

breaking it down

50s chicks do it better

most dope affiliated

from the directors point of view


Carson City Saloon + I Heart Pgh Tee

Check out the new Carson City Saloon commercial above that just hit the interwebs. Our homie Big Jeff is the bouncer in it and he's wearing the I Heart PGH tee in black. Order yours HERE and remember BLACK AND YELLOW IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD! So get yours today while supplies last.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mac Miller New Video KNOCK KNOCK [behind the scenes]

If you know anything about Mac Miller it's that he is on his grind and has some of the most radioactive videos out today! The newest Mac Miller song to get the Rex Arrow treatment is KNOCK KNOCK off his latest mixtape K.I.D.S. . This video is going to be unreal, I can tell you this first hand because i'm in it. When Rex Arrow has a vision everyone better hide their KIDS cause this shit is a game changer. Join Mac as he takes a magical journey from the 1950's to 2010 and watch as the most dope crew meets their match in some hip cats from around the block. Mac brings the 2 crews together and everyone goes ape! Between Mac killing it, the 50s crew, the most dope crew and Mac's faithful fan base this is sure to be LIKE CRAZY! Make sure to check the clothes throughout the video and get your KNOCK KNOCK tee featured in the video at TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM . Get cranked and keep your ear to the street cause Mac Miller is bout to KNOCK KNOCK on your door!

check out the photos from the day below.. more to come!

Lucas Stevens (shantydorm) taking some flicks

Mac with the Most Dope crew

In between scenes in the FREEZING cold

50s crew rocking out with Mac

The KNOCK KNOCK tee available only at TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM

Reviewing some footage before the next shot

@KtSmokesHydro and @TayrahBangs look for us #BangGang !!

Mac Miller for president

The PARTY location... Mac cleans up nice!

Some of the 50s chicks standing around looking fine

Mac and Tree J cuttin up in between scenes

(first 4 photos photo credit Dan Folger)

New Beanies and Snapbacks in NOW !!

TimeBomb is known for bringing the freshest streetwear to the 412. Hats have always been a stylish item throughout the ages and theres no sign of stopping anytime soon. Right now we have a load of snapbacks and beanies in. From 10 deep to crooks and castles to vintage snapbacks from 1984-1996. Unfortunately you can only purchase the snapbacks in store because we can barely keep them in stock! But feel free to grab some head gear off TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM . Shout out to our dude Yury for helping with the photos!

follow him on twitter @iamyury is on his grind musically!

keep up with all that is 412 follow @timebombshop and @ktsmokeshydro to stay in the loop!