Friday, October 29, 2010

Blasfome AHOY LIMITED EDITION Somalia Pirates Crew, Worn by Wiz Khalifa!

Leroy would like to wish you a Happy Halloween from all of us here at TBC and Taylor Gang by bringing you the latest Blasfome Somalia Pirates CREW NECK, worn by the burgh's own Wiz in Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor's video, shown below. For those of you who loved the Somalia Pirates tee, this is a perfect fit for this weekend's all hallows eve festivities, and the rest of the cold weather season. Maybe you could match Leroy and even be young Khalifa for Halloween! Shout out to our boys at Blasfome for creating this dope print! Get yours NOW, dropping at 4:20 (duh) today! These are LIMITED EDITION, so get yours HERE before they're gone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EEE Ghosty Presents UPS Is Hiring

Ghosty, East End Empire affiliate, has released his latest and most in depth project to date, UPS Is Hiring, in collab with Dj Spacecity. With 22 tracks in total and features from four different local artists including my boy Franchise and B. White, this shit is hot! Ghosty's mission is not only to entertain, but to inform and encourage - encourage wack MC's like Biggie did, 'Don't be mad, UPS is Hiring.' No coincidence the release date shares his birthday, so a very Happy Birthday to the kid! Why not give him a little d.o.b. gift and download UPS Is Hiring HERE.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Vibe Presents

Soul Vibe presents 'Self Centered' AND 'Ring To It' all in one, featuring AV and Mario Dones from their latest project entitled One To Grow On. Collabing with NCNE, the video is on point with some burgh scenery. Watch below and keep up with the squad HERE.

Lay Lanskey 'All I Do'

Lay Lanskey from Tha Govament (with our boys Boaz and S money) has released his latest track entitled All I Do from Overdose Entertainment. Click below to download and listen.

Fight For The Inches - Basick Sickness

Basick Sickness has released his latest track, entitled 'Fight For The Inches' off his upcoming album, Before It's Too Late. For fans of rock, hip-hop, industrial, alternative, pop, dubstep/drum and bass, metal, whatever you wanna get your head wrapped around - Basick reminds me of a crossover of all of these. Pittsburgh based and Pittsburgh proud, the group claims to brings that “rabid pack of wolves” feel to the 412's music scene, where he's preformed on stage with artists of all different genres, like Bone Thugs n Harmony, Cage, Insane Clown Posse, Raekwon, CNN, and Pittsburgh's own Wiz and Govament presidents, S Money and Boaz. Vocalist; Basick states, “we’re looking to ignite a fire, wake people up and spread the sickness before it’s too late”. What do you think? Listen HERE.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sneaker Freaks and Fashion Junkies Event

The Sneaker Hotel presents Sneaker Freaks and Fashion Zombies, a night of live Djs and performances from some local artists ranging from, but not limited to, Varsity Squad, Common Wealth Family, Moola Gang, and some of my old friends, Vinny Radio and Franchise. With some cheaaaaap drink specials like $2 Clique vodka and Miller Lights and give-a-ways all night of kicks, mixtapes, itune gift cards, and even some straight cash, there's no reason not to be there, no doubt! Right upstairs at Z Lounge on the sah-side, see you there!


Whats that sound you hear?? IT'S THE SOUND OF SNAPBACKS ON THE STREETS! Come to TimeBomb today to grab yourself one for $35.. they're going fast so don't sleep.

Ghosty- Keep it Thoro '11

Check out another local Ghosty and his new video Keep It Thoro '11 .. He's been putting in work for awhile and even did a photoshoot with Http:// Keep grinding Ghosty!!

Curren$y Keeps it Smokey in the 412!

If you know any 2 things about Curren$y it's that raps tough and smokes even tougher!

The 412 holds a reputation for housing some tough smokers. Luckily when Curren$y came threw for the Smokers Club Tour he stuck to his guns and came threw ready to blow off some smoke before the show. He fit right in smoking a footlong Red Tape clear blunt wrap rolled by the one and only Emcee BZE .

Curren$y killed the show and it was nice having him back in the Burgh to do his thing!! BIG UPS to Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Big KRIT, Mac Miller, Boaz, Fiend and Corner Boy P Ya'll killed it!! :)

TBC Tops Design is KILLING the Streets!



Everyone knows that Pittsburgh is on the rise right now musically. Thanks to the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and Boaz our city is in the spotlight for it's talent and we are getting recognized country wide. Luckily here at Time Bomb we have these dudes here to help support our movement in looking good while acting bad and making GREAT music. Make sure to check out all the Pittsburgh inspired gear HERE or just go hard and grab your TBC TOP design tee NOW from Keep and keep an ear out for these guys and an eye our for new designs coming your way every couple weeks!

follow @realwizkhalifa @macmiller @boaz412 @timebombshop @ktsmokeshydro on twitter

Smokers Club Tour Recap

Smokers Club Tour is selling out all over the states, with no exception in their stop to the 412. A packed Mr Smalls, thumbs up in the air, smoke on the stage, this was definitely something you shouldn't have missed. TBC was obviously heavy in the building, with both the new Swisher and TOP designs on display between Mac on stage and the TBC heiresses/BPC first ladies back stage. Opening for Curren$y were several performers, some of which I regretfully missed, (due to my girl not getting a pre-sale ticket and the show being SOLD OUT, but of course Franimal came through) but I know it's safe to say they killed it! I caught the end of Boaz, who brought the Steel City out one time for the burgh, and leading into Mac's pre-show, which I must admit, had some major energy - the kid just keeps stepping up! Big Krit and Smoke DZA accompanied Curren$y, who brought out some real fans - the kid next to me knew EVERY word to all of their jams! Wiz was missed at this performance, but of course Curren$y played a couple Khalifa beats to shout out the man putting the burgh on the map. As he looks to the balcony, puts a number 1 in the sky and says 'This one's for my brother!' Once backstage everyone was de-stressing, if you will, and having a good time with some good talent and some good music. Big ups to Billy (DailyBreadPA) and our in-house photog Neil for snapping some flicks throughout the night that we can now share with you!

Ready or Not Fridays at AVA!

Every month at Shadow Lounge DJ Selecta has an event called Classic Material. He brings different old school hiphop DJs from all over the US to come rock it for the 412. Recently he brought DJ House Shoes a badass DJ from the dirty D... er Detroit for those of you that don't know. He's cool as fuck and can rock a party till the sun comes up. Lucky for us he will be doing a monthly at AVA starting in 2011. But since he likes us so much he's decided to stop by once more in 2010. So join us at AVA for Ready or Not Friday tonight from 10pm-2am i'll be there dancing per usual!

follow @HouseShoes @KtSmokesHydro and @TimeBombShop on twitter!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wiz and Raekwon on BET

Two of some of TBC's closest friends, Raekwon and Wiz, got together at the 2010 BET Awards to spit some freestyles along with some other upcoming artists like Bones from Philly and Yelawolf from down south Alabama. Damn, the talent on this flick is incomparable and undeniable.

Wiz Khalifa puts on for the 412

Our boy Wiz is obviously coming to the top, so for those of you who haven't seen it yet, below is his latest video 'Black and Yellow'. In this flick is the original crew from the burgh, while shot in the burgh, this one's reppin the 412 hard! Big ups to our boys Bengy and Artie at Rostrum, E Dan, Big Jerm at ID Labs, Dj Sledgern, Dj Bonics, the whole Taylor Gang crew, and everyone whose worked so hard thus far to put Pittsburgh on the map - we see you doing your thing out here and grindin heavy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If you know anything about Timebomb you know Leroy is an OG and has MAD style. Today he ROLLED up to the joint (literally) rocking the new TBC tops design. This shop tee is fresh off the presses from Boot Prints. WE ARE THE BEST.. and we will continue to bring our crew new designs and ways to rep TIMEBOMB CREW! Check us out on TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM and get yours today!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mac Miller & Boaz Crush The Smokers Club New York Edition

(Photo credit: Fubzilla follow him on twitter @Fubzilla)

Check out the photos above from the Santo's portion of the Smokers Club Tour in NYC. Our Pittsburgh people are making a name for themselves across the US. From east to west heads agree that Pittsburgh is on the rise! You can check them out in Chicago tonight or wait and see them at Mr Smalls on October 15th at Mr Smalls. This is our time Pittsburgh STAND UP!

To keep up on all burgh everything follow @timebombshop @brickdiggler @ktsmokeshydro on twitter

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Just In!

With a passion for graphic design and all things pop cultural in his hometown of Los Angeles, Rick Klotz cut his teeth designing flyers and installations for the variety of Los Angeles club and music scenes which were happening during the mid to late eighties. In 1989 Rick began expressing himself through clothing and Freshjive was born. Considered one of the originators of streetwear, Freshjive drew its initial aesthetics from Los Angeles culture combined with influences from a lifestyle revolving around music, board sports and the arts. Since it was conceived, the quality and style of the brand has been complimented by political and social commentary and humor. And as a last Fuck Off to brand identification, the company will be abandoning it’s name on all items as of 2010.

Timebomb is glad to be carrying this brand it's classy but still has a street influence.. check it out here!

vitamin THICK Up In Here!

vitaminTHICK is a celebration of living life to its fullest through community, culture, and dope clothing. With the street cliches of violence, greed, and politics plaguing the urban fashion industry today, co-captains Elliott Curtis and Andrew Shedd listen to the echos of their youth for inspiration. “Back in the day” was a glowing and carefree time when anything and everything was possible. Without all the posturing and bad noise, childhood was a time when we had our whole lives in front of us. The vT brand is a blending of this nostalgic mindset with a culturally informed social commentary.

VitaminTHICK’s commitment to originality and high energy creativity is simply an extension of the pillars that the brand was founded upon. vitaminTHICK grew from the dorm rooms of Carnegie Mellon University as a private

commission sneaker customization service created by Jesse Chorng and Elliott Curtis in the spring of 06. Today, those hand painted and laser-etched one-of-ones exist only in blog retrospectives and in the closets of several insiders, but the attention to detail and quality of craft remain cornerstones of the brand. Since the earliest days, vitaminTHICK had ideas that went beyond sneakers and extended into a wider range of street fashion. In the Fall of 06, fellow student and visionary Andrew Shedd joined the vitaminTHICK squad, as he shared a desire to create a clothing line that brought something fresh to the street wear industry. The spring of 2008 marked the official introduction of what vitaminTHICK is today: a line of authentic, limited edition clothing and accessories. In the Fall of 09 vitaminTHICK successfullyabout_left_piclaunched in a very select number of retailers and was met with praise and enthusiasm.

vT’s product, like its approach to brand and design, embodies the definition of limited edition in its most earnest sense. Nearly all the vT pieces are individually numbered out of a finite denomination. This is real. No marketing gimmicks. No fine print. Just BAM- “I have shirt 23 out of 100. Only 99 other heads are up on this piece right here.” Although the products are exclusive, vitaminTHICK is a community of those who hold lifestyle to a higher level. This is why VitaminTHICK’s products adhere to a design regimen that shells out for style-specific prints, eco-friendly inks, extra attention to stitch work, and the little details that might go unnoticed to some but define the brand to Shedd and Curtis. These principles of value-added design tower over brands that subscribe to the cost cutting and inferior quality of mass production. vitaminTHICK’s founders have been students of the street wear industry for many years now, and with confidence they present a brand with a level of quality that can truly stand against the titans of the game.

vitamin THICK is available now at check it out!

Leroy is Looking Fresh!!

You know it's time to get warm when you see Leroy out and about in Timebomb! He's looking extra fresh today in his Blasfome Ahoy! (Somalia Pirates) crewneck. They are very limited but you can buy yours HERE. Also make sure to stop threw the hat section to get the Piffsburgh fitted hat to match. We're going hard this fall Pittsburgh don't get left behind in last seasons styles! And remember to grab your Timebomb Crew's and to get your life right... but you already knew that.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ghosty Drops His Single "Now What"

"Now What" is the second official single off of UPS Is Hiring Hosted By DJ Spacecity. The track features Ghosty dropping gems over another smooth P. Fish production. UPS Is Hiring drops 10/27/10!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mac Miller and Rocksmith Video Lookbook

Our homies at Rocksmith recently reached out to Mac in efforts to collab with their newest fall line, and voila; 2010 Rocksmith Fall Video Lookbook featuring Mac Miller! Fresh gear, a day at the NYC shore, and 'Traffic In The Sky' playing in the background - what more could you ask for? Peep the video below, and come cop your new Rocksmith gear today HERE, including some shown in the video!

Rocksmith Fall 2010 Video Lookbook feat. Mac Miller from Rocksmith on Vimeo.

Smokers Tour Kick Off Show

Last night started the Smokers Club Tour for Mac Miller and Boaz in Toronto, Canada. We'll be updating on the latest news, images, and dates of the shows, starting with the images snapped last night during the show from the stage - good look Will for getting these for us! Big heads came out for their show last night to watch Mac and Boaz kill it with a packed venue and thousands of listeners there to see some of the burgh's finest.

Real Deal vs Loe Pesci Battle

Keeping our tab on Real Deal, master of ceremonies AND master of battles, is something we like to do here at Timebomb. This time's check up went as smooth as usual, with no surprise that he stays killing it - whether it be hosting battles or competing in them. His latest battle was vs Loe Pesci, a Canadian rapper. At 18 minutes time, this one's pretty good, but obviously Real killed it with some truly lyrical lines and on point delivery. Pesci blanked out for a while, a long while, which he suffered from greatly, but came back with a few good words and a lot of filler space. Real kept it 100 the whole time though so came through as the obvious winner. Nice try Pesci, really, but not this time. Pittsburgh prevails - as usual.

New Beedie Video 'Grown Shit'

Beedie and Rex Arrow Films got together to shoot his latest video for 'Grown Shit' from his latest mixtape entitled Sleeping In. While still on his solo grind, be sure to keep the look out for his work with Varsity Squad as well, with Jon Quest and producer Shade Cobain. Til then, who brings you the burgh's hottest hiphop news? TBC of course.