Monday, January 31, 2011

The 58's [Taking Over Pittsburgh]

You might be asking yourself what is the 58's? Who are the 58's? Well let me take the time to tell you. The 58's is a movement, a group of rappers repping Pittsburgh to the Mon Valley making a huge splash in the Pittsburgh hip hop scene. The group is compiled of B. White, Billy Mayo, Franchise and Vinny Radio. They all bring their own style to the table and as a group they're a force to be reckoned with. Check out the newest video freestyle out above and make sure to check out the 58's hoodies [mens and womens] available now at TIMEBOMBSHOP. If you come threw you can check out one of the 58's flavors we have in store.

Tolly [Shut 'Em Down]

With the recent success of his Tollywood mixtape Tolly's buzz is at an all time. The Track Bangaz produced "Shut 'Em Down" is one of his hardest records to date and is sure to have the club on smash. Tolly has been in the lab working on his next project so expect much more new music in the near future. Follow Tolly on Twitter @TOLLYBANDZ.

Frequently Fly X Sherlack Stacks

Frequently Fly Clothing and Sherlack Stacks present to you “Frequently x Sherlack London Luxury part 1.” This exclusive collab tee is the first of a two part collaboration between the two brands. The first part to London Luxury is a tee that features trademark imagery associated with both Frequently Fly Clothing and Sherlack Stacks. The tee is a short run and is exclusively limited! Get yours today at TIMEBOMBSHOP.

Franchise [Steel Curtain Rap]

While Franchise is working on the In Good Hands EP with Vinny Radio and Big Jerm he decided to let loose this ode to his hometown entitled "Steel Curtain Rap". Franchise glides smoothly over a tripped out beat from Grimey Productionz. Follow Fran on Twitter @412sFranchise!

Hittsburgh [Grab 1 Today]

Watching the Steelers board the plane to Dallas this morning was a very emotional moment for a lot of people in Pittsburgh. I mean a 7th Super Bowl- can you imagine? Bragging rights for who knows how many years! It was an exciting season filled with close games that produced a lot of wins and even some heartbreaking loses. Once again our Pittsburgh defense was a HUGE reason we even made it this far [I haven't forgotten you Ben]. So to commemorate our amazing defensive line TimeBomb is dropping the LIMITED EDITION "Hittsburgh" tee in black available now at TIMEBOMBSHOP. Check the tee out below and make sure to buy yours today so you have it in time for Super Bowl 45!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chevy Woods [Campaign]

Chevy Woods has been busy with his new project Red Cup Music. Here's his newest video Campaign directed by ANTUKS above. Check it out and keep your eye out for Chevy Woods and more Red Cup Music in the near future!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Smoke DZA ft. Mac Miller [Always Been]

Check out the newest Smoke DZA video featuring Mac Miller titled "Always Been". Just one of many Mac Miller features coming your way! Keep checking back to get your fix.

Wiz's New Album Name.....

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!

The name of Wiz Khalifa's new album is Rolling Papers and is set to come out in March. Still flying high off his smash hit Black & Yellow he's wasted no time dropping his first album under his new deal with Atlantic Records/ Rostrum Records. The album is set for a March 29 release date and has already has his fans going crazy. Wiz has been crazy busy the past year with his tour and preparing this album for you all. I'm sure he has some surprises up his sleeve for all you Taylor Gang affiliates. He's been working with producers such as Stargate, Jim Jonsin and the Neptunes to name a few. The first single to drop off Rolling Papers is a track thats called "Roll Up" and is being rumored to drop late February/ ealry March. Keep checking back for more information and makes sure to follow @TimeBombShop on twitter.

TimeBomb Crew in New York City!

Twice a year the TimeBomb Crew makes our way to New York City for the Agenda, Capsule and Project shows. These shows are just essentially clothing shows for stores to check out what's coming out in the future. This trip it was Brick, Boots and me [KtSmokes] - as always we went hard and made our mark in the New York City nightlife. Check the photos below for a visual journey of our latest trip.

Venturing threw the airport

Jet Blue or die.

Sick shot out the window of the plane

We called the famous Chelsea Hotel home for our stay

The view from our room

Fire hydrant in the Chelsea

The staircase at the Mac store

This staircase was insane as you can see above

My favorite of the 3 shows.. Agenda

Some SICK sunglasses I spied out..

TimeBomb Crew is everywhere!!

Day drinking at it's finest

Boss man Brick probably yelling at someone over the phone

We were all over the place on this trip

TBC from PGH to NYC

$1.99 umbrella + old phone = priceless

The $2 PBR bar Welcome To The Johnsons where we saw Lady Gaga

Brick pondering about something important [i'm sure]

It's your girl @KtSmokesHydro at Sutra

Where ever we go, whatever we do we go hard and don't look back. TBC in NYC and beyond! See you soon with photos from Las Vegas.

photo credit: Joe Boots

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acapulco Gold [in store now]

What do you think of when you hear Acapulco Gold? Weed right? Well your wrong, it's a SUPER sick streetwear company! Acapulco Gold, formed in 2006 by ex Supreme designers Geoff Heath and Augie Galan, has its roots firmly planted in the New York skate/streetwear camp. As you'd imagine, the brand oozes class and style whilst retaining all of the next level qualities of the pair's former label. The small but perfectly formed range includes heavy sweats and hoods with vintage college-inspired styling as well as New Era caps and a selection of sophisticated but cutting edge tee shirt designs. Get to TIMEBOMBSHOP now and get you some!

Wiz Khalifa Performace at AFC Chamption

You know who it is

Wiz and his team

Wiz and Kev before the performance

Amber Rose and Wiz's mom.. what a lucky guy!

It's been a crazy year for Wiz Khalifa. From his constant grinding and tour to his huge success with the song Black & Yellow he had quite a 2010. Now in true Wiz fashion he is starting off 2011 with a BANG. From his Black & Yellow G Mix to the countless versus he's already kicked for other hip hop heavy hitters he is starting 2011 off right! Now he can add an opening performance at Heinz Field for the AFC Championship game. Pittsburgh is at the forefront of EVERYTHING right now.. keep up or get left behind! Keep an eye out for his newest album coming out soon.

photo credit:
Bill Paladino

MOTIONGRAFF Episode 10 [Big Time Writers]

Check out our boy Fubz newest work with MOTIONGRAFF. This video series is SUPER cool especially if you like graffiti- it's neat to see the progress of a piece and the way the artist goes about his design to get to his final product. Check out JD One, Lene, Set, Dee and DJ Vandal kill it in the video above. They start off with a blank 48" by 48" canvas and then go into it using an extensive amount of paint markers. Make sure to check out MOTIONGRAFF.COM for more information and behind the scenes photos.

Destruction Zone [Joey Fattz]

As promised PGH Hip-Hop legend Joey Fattz delivers his latest mixtape Destruction Zone right on time. Fattz is well known as one of the cities best spitters and is looking to make waves with his latest offering. Destruction Zone features production from Sayez, Ricky P, E. Dan, DJ Huggy as well as guest appearances from Dotty Ducati, Nu Dimez, Bevie, and more.

Joey Fattz [It's Fattz]

Joey Fattz is back with another single off his Destruction Zone mixtape. "It's Fattz" is an upbeat party banger that shows why Joey is one of the best in Pittsburgh. Follow Joey on Twitter @RealJoeyFattz. Destruction Zone drops today!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mac Miller's West Coast tour

Just got back from traveling with Mac Miller on his West Coast tour, Cali was crazy. Every show Sold Out, and we had plenty of down time to take pics and hit up Fairfax. Keep a look out for updates on the Incredibly Dope Tour and Daily Bread products at Time Bomb coming soon...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Steeltown Smack Down 2 [Grind Time Now]

Come join us tomorrow Saturday January 22 from 4pm-9pm at the Shadow Lounge for the Steeltown Smackdown 2. This is a Grind Time Battle and is being hosted by Real Deal, Paradoxx and Maestro Methaphorics. Theres gonna be 12 battles and it's looking like it's gonna be a good one! Go here and then make sure to come check out the Kicks For Kids 2011 event going down at Garfield Artworks from 9pm-12am, it's sure to be a great time! See you tomorrow Pittsburgh!!

Kicks For Kids 2011 [kicks off tomorrow]

It's THAT time.. time to do something good for the less fortunate! Come join us Saturday January 22 from 9pm-12am at the Garfield Artworks [Penn Ave] as we raise money for homeless children to get shoes. There will be raffles giving away gifts from TimeBomb, Soul II Sole, Boot Prints, Blasfome, Clique Vodka, Lush, Zipcar and Ted's Excellent Bike Repair. The packages include services from Dean of Shadyside, South Side Athletic Club, Avenue B, Paris 66, Carson City Salon and Pittsburgh Steak Company. If that wasn't enough to get you to come out then check out who's performing.. Living Proofe, Beedie, Sicky Brett, Shani Banerjee with DJ Hank D on the wheels all night long. We even got Knowledge Build to host the whole shindig! It's a great cause so come out drink Clique Vodka and listen to some great music with the TimeBomb crew!

AFC Championship Sale [43% off entire store]

Join us this Saturday January 22 from 12pm-8pm at TIMEBOMBSHOP [instore only]. We will be offering 43% off the entire store in honor of Troy Polamalu. DJ Outtareach will be on the wheels and there will be tons of clothes to choose from. Start off your weekend right at TIMEBOMBSHOP and help us cheer on the Steelers to another AFC Championship! If your not busy after the sale swing threw the Kicks For Kids 2011 benefit going down from 9-12 at the Garfield Artworks on Penn Ave. The TimeBomb Crew will be there in full force drinking vodka and listening to great music... IT'S FOR THE KIDS!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

B. White [Formed In Mckee]

Check out B.White's newest video Formed In Mckee produced by P Fish. Watch the video above and be on the lookout for more of the 58's movement thats taking over Pittsburgh. The hoodies in the video will be available at TIMEBOMBSHOP in the near future.. Check back and we'll get you right.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mac Miller & Freeway [Prod. Statik Selektah]

You heard me right Mac Miller has a new track with Freeway appropriately titled "P.A." produced by Statik Selektah. It's just hit the interwebz and can be listened to/bought HERE. Mac Miller is starting his west coast leg of his Incredibly Dope Tour tonight. If your out west you better get your tickets fast because most of his shows have already sold out! Keep checking back for more on Mac Miller and everything Pittsburgh hip hop.

New Shop Bags [G.Y.L.R.]

It's 2011 and that can mean only one thing.. NEW SHIT! To add to all the great things we've already gotten accomplished in 2011 now we can add yet another bag to the collection. The new bag reads "I WENT TO TIME BOMB AND ALL I GOT WAS MY LIFE RIGHT! LIFE RIGHTERS SINCE '91 TIMEBOMBSHOP.COM". Anyone that knows Brick Diggler knows he's been getting motherfuckers lives right since 1991.. but now you can get yours right too! Stop by TIMEBOMBSHOP today and get your life right!


It's true what they say.. TIMEBOMBSHOP has had a BLACKOUT! Haha don't worry we paid our electric bill. The Blackout is the newest tee to hit TIMEBOMBSHOP. It's black on black.. black tee, black ink and the infamous TimeBomb OG clock. Get yours today at TIMEBOMBSHOP.

The Black Big L Rest In Peace Tee [back in stock]

Did someone say restock? Why yes I did! With the overwhelming success of the white Big L Rest In Peace tee we decided to make another load of the black ones last night at Boot Prints. As always they're looking super crispy and are ready for you to purchase at TIMEBOMBSHOP! Keep checking back to keep up to date with what's in stock at TIMEBOMBSHOP.

Check out the video that made this shirt such a success below - Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.

Black & Yellow [Play Off Sale]

Come join us on Friday January 14th from 12pm-8pm for the Black & Yellow Play Off Sale. We will be honoring Rashard Mendenhall by giving everyone 34% off the entire store. It's his first playoff game and he's gonna kick ass! See you tomorrow and GO STEELERS!!!!