Monday, December 12, 2011

Firing Squad (prod. Dj Farrell) [Crystal Seth]

Firing Squad (prod Dj Farrell)
Graphic Design: Mike Paradise
Crystal Seth
Tuff Sound Recording
I didn't expect this from Seth at all but I was pleasantly surprised.  The beat reminded me of some slowed down "jerker"ish styles shit at first with a more soothing melody during the hook; wasn't a fan of that at first but it quickly grew on me.  Hands down my favorite line would have to be "Women just an old game and I prefer the d-pad"  I'm still a big N64 fan so thats my shit.  Check the video on youtube below.  Follow on twitter: @Crystal_Seth.  He often drops songs depending on how many followers he has so telling your friends to follow him is a good look to all.  Also like his fan page here.

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